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  1. Our client are a leading organisation engaged in the design and development of complex systems for the defence industry.
    A new Project Controller is required to drive continuous improvement in Missile Dynamics capability though measuring functional performance, implementing and managing the Function Improvement Plan and supporting the efficient operation of the Function

    Create, maintain and analyse the metrics and indicators at Missile Dynamics level associated with

    Capability Improvement

    Project Delivery

    Facility Cost and Utilisation

    Modularity and Re-use

    Implement and manage the Missile Dynamics Improvement Plan, in coordination with the Function Heads and Technical Director (Capability) team

    Consolidate and provide a first analysis of trends in the UK/ Fr/ It Missile Dynamics workload forecast

    Consolidate the Missile Dynamics Reporting (Monthly and 6 Monthly on Milestones/ Risks/ Issues)

    Consolidate the Missile Dynamics Information Technology development strategy

    Support the Group Head in the defining the budget (Capex, hourly rate, machine rate) in coordination with Finance

    Generate the Missile Dynamics data package for the Quality Review

    Support the Group Head in validating estimates for future work

    Support the Group Head in creating and developing opportunities to acquire contracts for research and technology activities

    Managing across international & functional boundaries.

    Measuring and analysing global capability of the Function in a complex technical environment with complex cross-functional dependencies

    Identifying cost-effective functional improvement programmes

    Encouraging functional peers to cooperate and achieve the Functional Improvement plan

    Supporting the efficient operation of Missile Dynamics across 6 sites in Italy, France and UK

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