He worked for Cunard


Lantern Swinger
A wee Clydeside man, who has worked in the shipyards all his life, wins on the Pools and decides to do something they could never have dreamed of doing - take a trip on one of the ships he helped build - the QE2.

Now as it is a once in a lifetime event, he goes the whole hog and takes one of the best staterooms. Naturally the captain when he hears one of the men who built her is on board they are invited to the captain's table. At the table is an immensely wealthy Kelvinside lady and she regards the pair as frightfully amusing.

"And hev you sailed on the ship many times before?" she asks.

"Naw," says our wee man's wife, excitement in her voice, "This is oor furst time!"

"Oh I see," drawls the Kelvinside lady,"my husband and I make this trip three times every year."

"Three times? Every year!?" squeaks the wee worker's wife, "how d'ye manage it?"

The lady coughs politely and says very archly, "My husband works for Cunard you know."

"Well," spits out the wee worker's wummin, "Mah man works f***in hard tae, but we don't brag aboot it!" :lol:

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