HBOS boss asks for knighthood removed!

Has offered up 30% of his pension as well - how will he manage on only £400,000 a year?
God only knows - having said that, it's a massive step in the right direction, and if more of them had behaved like this in the immediate aftermath of 2007 maybe people wouldn't hate them quite so much as a class. In fairness, having heard some of this particular gent's cross-examination by Parliament last week, he does come across as someone that fell victim to the Peter principle (promoted to a level above his ability for any that don't know), knows it, and is genuinely grief stricken by it all - 25,000 people lost their jobs as a direct result of the LTSB/HBOS merger.

Unlike ANY of the others so far questioned in the past 5 years. Show me anyone that voluntarily gives up their whole pension, even in those circumstances (and he must have earned most of it before those years in charge), and I'll show you a saint.

I'm actually quite impressed. But then, given how appallingly so many of them have behaved, maybe it doesn't take much to impress me with bankers anymore.
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