Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Pontius, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. The lack of response is due to the fact that so few reading these hallowed pages know the meaning (let alone the myriad uses) of HBM!

    I once saw a lad 'mummified in the stuff. It was a very boring weekend duty!
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  2. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    How very wrong you are! Also seen the mummified thing and the same JMEM dumped outside the OOD's cabin just before evening rounds, but few things match the sheer delight of a game of junior Kerplunk!
    What about Sod's operas, flight deck fetes etc?
    I think we all know what Blackrat uses it for!
  3. Carpet fitting, shortening 8's trollies (nightmare when they come back from the chokie), wrapping up the family crimbo pressies, emergency repairs of machinery, covering up choccy block cable joints on your rabbit runs.
    I still use it in my civvie job to hold trains together;-P
  4. Duct Tape Plane

    HSM to the rescue of an aircraft attacked by a bear (where, obviously, S=silver).
  5. None of you know what I use it for.
  6. I'm assuming that HBM still stands for the same as it did in the sixties when we used to employ it (sticky side out) for de-clagging our doeskin suits before divisions/going ashore. If so, I once used it for completely renovating the bellows on my accordian, circa 1958, and it was still keeping the air in when I sold the old box in 1976. Any more unusual uses?

  7. Got used for Fruit Batting on Fearless. The poor sod would be taped to a broom handle by the feet then hung upside down between the bunk pull up bars. Then taped from head to toe. Funny as f?&£ to watch, not so funny when your on the receiving end
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  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Does anyone know why it was Harry's ?
  9. Back on Manchester in the 80s we had a very gobby direct entry asian tiff JJ who liked the sound of his own voice after a few wets in the POs mess. One day at sea he went a bit over the top so we stripped him naked (very small todger) lashed him to a stantion with aformentioned HBM and painted him white with Blanko. (fcuk me we would be locked up now for that and key thrown away) after a couple of hours during which time he swamped and we got very pissed we released him and without a word he left the mess, only to return five minutes later with a fully fcuking charged 3" hose from the aft section base and switched the fecker on full. fcuk me it pinned us to the bulkheads (this was at sea by the way) 2" of water in the mess and lots of laughter, good for him.
  10. I was foolish enough one night to be caught trimming my pubes. (one needs to look well tended)
    I returned to the mess from the bathroom where my "mates" proceeded to wax me with the said tape.
    It very near ripped my friggin todger off as well. Jesus Christ Almighty it hurts and having a dozen or so dirty orrible matelots gawfing at you don't help either. Bastards.
  11. EVERYTHING was 'Arry's, 'Arry skinters, 'Arry threaders, 'Arry freezers, in fact more or less anything where you could tack "ers" on the end, but it probably* originated with 'Arry limers (as in the Third Man). The Harry Lime Theme, as played by Anton Karas(?) on his zither, was very popular in the late forties/ early fifties, so was "limers".


    *I stand to be corrected on this, but I've always thought it was so.
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  12. Does one spend a lot of one's time exhibiting one's pubes to all and sundry?:D
  13. Fcuk me look at the Ad choices in the pop up window!! how do they do it??
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  14. I'll support that theory 2BM..... then came the appendage...'ingtons'...as in... Arry frostingtons.....(cold).....Arry choppingtons.....(roughers)....etc..
  15. Arry the Bastard - Buffer York 1990
  16. Don't forget HJS - Harry Joe Skips aka the Boss!
  17. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    HBM is so last year.

    I now use sniper tape. They can't hear you rip off a length. This gives you valuable seconds.
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  18. Would have been fucked on board without HBM.

    How else can you assemble a bazooka without the stuff!

    I got my cold war Blue Peter badge based on HBM and bean tins!!!!
  19. Don't forget Araldite! Go on, tell me you used Araldite too - the Holy Trinity - HBM, Araldite and spare bits of metal!
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