*haz the post panto blues*

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by pinkprincess, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. Now I really, really need to start singing again.

    My ads have nto borne fruit. I guess when people read 'female' vocalist, they think diva type singer. I am not that and never want to be.

    I used to wish I could have singing lessons (money was an issue) but when I went back up North to visit friends, one was doing a chairty gig that night. All of the acts were ex -pop idol, -x-factor and cracking vocalists but they all tried a rock song that night and it was painful to listen to. A trained voice does not sing rock in the raw way that it should be sung. 'Sex on Fire' just doesn't lend itself well to vibrato.

    Rock is what I am good at and what I love, my voice is powerful and raw.

    I miss it sooooooooo much!

    As much as I loved doing the panto and will be a part of the next show in some capacity, music is my first love.


    The music club at Sultan hasn't been the most forthcoming either, I think that my enthusiasm for what I do weirded out the man in charge a bit too much :lol:

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  2. Try karaoke at Emma's, they are bound to want good vocal totty this time of year and have you tried out for anything at the Duke theatre (?) in Southsea ??Christmas is coming, worth a shot. :)
  3. Were you biting the head's off of bats?
  4. I don't _do_ karaoke and I still haven't bothered with Emma's in the 9 months that I have lived down here; pissed up slappers and scallies cattle markets really aren't my thing!

    As for the bats - NEVER! I have rescued some pipistrels in the past, I would never hurt one.
  5. Pissed up Slappers?
    Where is this Emma's?
  6. Gosport.

    Enjoy :)

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