Haynes owner’s workshop manual – TIGER TANK

The penultimate competition from Haynes for an OWM, this time for a Tiger Tank. If you have need to First Parade a TT then this manual is for you. Have a look at the review by Jim24 here.

The competition will be run in the usual manner by completing the simple questions on Survey Monkey. Usual rules apply.

Tiger Tank.jpg

The competition will run until Sunday 26[SUP]th[/SUP] November, so if you are looking for a Christmas stocking-filler, get your entry in now!
Re: Q1. What's a "Tiger Tak"..? :shock: :wink:
Re Question one. A Tiger Tak, was the earlier version of the Tiger Tank. Chatham Dockyard won the contract, initially but then sub contracted the work out to Aggie Westons. As the tank bits were built in Torpoint and the gun bit was built at RNAD Earnesettle it was impossible for the Torpoint Ferry to carry more than Two Tiger Taks per crossing. Sadly due to this they eventually lost the contract after building 6. Hope this helps you as I've already entered the competition. :-D Would I lie to you Chief?


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OK folks, finally got the winners and they are:


Well done and I will be in touch by email for your names and addresses.

The answers are:

Q1 Ferdinand Porsche

Q2 1839

Q3 Bovington Tank Museum. Some said the Musee des Blindes in France but while they have one, have got the engine started, Bovington has the only one that matches the question i.e. restored to full working order.

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