Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bigtrousersnake, May 30, 2009.

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  1. i got a medical questionnaire through today to take along to my medical, it asks whether i have had hayfever, i did have it as a kid but i last suffered when i was about 13, i am now nearly 20, is this a problem? i am applying for the submarines and don't expect there are that many plants under the sea that pollinate?
  2. Hi bigtrousersnake

    if i was you i would be truthfull about it and just tell him, it shouldnt be a problem but just be up front about it

  3. ohh yer i'm gonna be honest about it either way, i just wondered what situation it leaves me in
  4. best off Pm Angry_Doc as he will know the crack, as longs as you didnt suffer a serius attack, it shouldnt be a issue, as it was years ago, and is that the only time
  5. yes, i had it for a couple of years, only in the summer and mostly from cut grass, i haven't suffered since i was 13, i did have one episode the year before, when i was 12, and my mate through a load of cut grass in my face and my eyes puff right up and i couldn't open them, but that went in a couple of hours
  6. did you seek medical attention?
  7. no my mum bought some tablets for it
  8. Luckily for you, thier is no grass at sea!

    Some gayer who I joined up with had hayfever, come to think of it he was the biggest blackcatter of medical ailments Ive ever met, and reckoned he had every allergy going He was even allergic to onions, he said he would die if he ate one. We tried our hardest to trick him into eating one, no success.

    He reckons the only reason he joined the mob was because the crabs turned him down for fighter pilot because he had hayfever.

    I loved it when he got drafted to the Kent going Far East, and then got it shit canned the week before he joined, to go on Illustrious, going nowhere! The ******** even got his dad to ring up drafty and say his assignment order was a legally binding contract and "you cant just change it like that". How we laughed! Couldnt of happend to a better person, watching a grown man cry is most satifying when you hate the barsteward.

    LOL if your reading this you know who you are, foooking knobhead.
  9. I've actually spoken to AD over this, as it's a concern of mine too.

    Basically, if you havn't had steroids (the little pink tablets, apparantly) or needed time off school or work for it then you're fine.

    You can check this out and make sure I'm telling the truth by using the search function.
  10. thank you, no i used tablets that come from boots, i don't know what they are but they weren't pink
  11. They were probably just piroten or something, which won't be on your medical records.
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The only problem you may have is from the hydrophonic (sp) tanks that they use on boats to grow the fresh veg. its the only way that they can keep boats at sea longer and prevent things like scurvy. I've been out a while but I'm sure that the likes of Witsend and Polto will be in a position to give you more information when they next come on line
  13. I got it first time on detachment at RAF Waddington in my late 30's. take the tablets and seen ok.
  14. if its not on your record, 1 month from now you will be thinking too yourself 'what the hell was i worrying about?' so dont worry!!!

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