Yeah, so did I, and thanks, but all of the RAF people on the student board said hayfever permanantly barred you from being a pilot, I was just trying to find out if it was the same score for the navy, or whether or not what doc said went for aircrew aswell.
UAS Glasgow and Strathclyde said:
To be eligible for UAS flying you must be fit and healthy. If you decide to join the RAF however ,you must not suffer from Asthma, Hay fever, Migranes, Epilepsy or Allergies.(Although if you have suffered from any of the above you maybe eligible for ground branches). Have good hearing and eyesight (not necessarily 20/20) and not have any disability. (If you where glasses you still maybe eligible to join as ground officer).
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Is this you?

Look at this too:

The Roy Noble Website said:
Roy tried to join the RAF as he had always wanted to be a pilot. He was turned down because he suffers from hay fever.
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I found all this in a matter of minutes. Use your brain and stop asking inane questions.

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