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Hi guys,

Its my first post on the forum and thought I would ask about recruiting into Aircrew for the Royal Navy.

I got a letter a few months ago from the Surgeon Commander down at HMS Gosport about his concerns with the level of medication I have been prescribed for Hay Fever (Tablets, Nasal Spray, and Eye drops. Which my GP explained to me as being a generic prescription.)

I have been given the year 2011 where I will be allowed to reapply if I wish, that's the year I finish University so there shouldn't be a major issue there - I'm fully prepared to wait.

I asked him, probably quite naively, whether there was a possibility that I could get all the application processes out the way and then joined when classed 'fit' to do so. He explain it was not ordinarily the case when people were permitted to apply when deemed unfit?

So I was wandering what were the cases when 'Unfit' applicants were able to apply?


Need to check this one out at a recruiting centre or maybe one of our resident Careers Advisors can/will reply to you query.


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Welcome to the site & good question!

The problem with regard the selection process is that each element has a time limit with regard validity.

From a medical aspect, if you are not passed fit for entry you cannot complete the physically demanding aspects of selection until passed fit. Presumably this is to prevent you haunting us if you die during the PJFT or suchlike.

You do not need to be passed fit for entry to undertake the Recruiting Test (valid for 3 years), the Sift Interview (Valid 6 months), or flying aptitude test (valid for life), however there are physical elements involved in AIB (valid 12 months)

Best of luck.
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