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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by -buggy-, May 28, 2008.

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  1. hi all just a quick question regarding my new division,

    I have recieved my joining instructions (re-entry) to join Raleigh on 18th june at 0730 etc .... the chit i have been given says i will be in hawke division but i know that my phase 2 course doesnt start untill the next monday from my entry at the earliest. So to cut to the chase does anybody know wether hawke division is a holdover division? just wondered whether i would have to move again once my course starts or whether hawke wil be my division during phase 2.
    Thanks All

    Will be going in as SA if that helps
  2. Yes Hawke is holdeover division. As you didn't serve that long before (so I believe) you will probably move into Ceres Division with the rest of the trainees. Ultimately it's up to the Division of course, but I would imagine that's the case. Good luck.
  3. great cheers for the info guzzler :thumright:
  4. Buggy

    Which of the matelots in your banner are you aiming to emulate? ;)

  5. lol the prat in the middle
  6. Hawke Division was awesome just left there after two weeks holdover. spent my first week doing RAS training on RAS Rig with a sea spec course taking part in al parts of RAS, then this week spent first two days doing some PT and some helping out in officers training sqdn, and thursday went to britannia royal naval college to take part in the officers version of our FME day, good stuff all the rest of the time was spent at the raleigh bar. oh and when you get to hawke look out for the block leaders (not po's) there AB's too on holdover not gonna say much else about them let you decide weather you get on with em or not, say hi to gibson and mckay for me from stanners
  7. cheers for the info shippers. i have a feeling im only there for 3-4 days but will say hello to the lads for you. Are the block leaders tossers then? our killick was at sultan
  8. yea names john and hamilton watch out for them all will become clear, you wafu then if you were at sultan?
  9. was in wafu training but failed it ^_^; SA this time - or LOGs (SC) as they like to call it now lol. I have searched high and wide for the phase2 course for jack dustys and dont know a thing does anybody know what the course involves?

  10. Well i do hope that neither of them read this forum,if they do.......well,it might be fun to watch!
  11. well couple of the lads i passed out with have gone to ceres sqdn but i havent really found out what they do. i do know that you'll do PT once or twice a week, plus you get to eat absolutly free if you want and not use PAYD which is really good anyway, but reason why you get to eat free is because you can use the trainee stewards galley and eat for free in there
  12. lol nah there stuck at raleigh plus john is a chockhead so not much chance of him managing to get the PC on in the first place
  13. my mate dudley is in ceres has been for ages now but he leaves the week before i start, gutted really i owe him a few wets.

    Well i need to get the kit issue and joining routine out of the way first boring i know but needs to be done .

    Oh yeah i forgot they did PAYD at raleigh now!

    Looking forward to crackig on with phase 2. Do they have a week away for team building etc? was tal-y-bont at sultan
  14. yea you go to penhale for a week its right near newquay and you'll live on an army barracks, your gonna get to do loads of surfing, and prob loads of orienteering too coz theres loads of dunes there. but anyway enjoy yourself down there look out for garrod, doc and ali baba they'll look after ya down there bud have a good one
  15. Nice one cheers pal. Yeah i will enjoy it cant wait to get stuck in again to be honest. Im all ready its the waiting game that annoys me. Already beginning to look forward to joining ship . Although i have my 12 weeks p2 first lol.

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