having a girlfriend while in the navy


Lantern Swinger
just thought I would finish this thred off, my mrs ended up shagging a student from her uni and I was dumped a year into service, i then went on to shag fat students and whores for the rest of my time in, you were all right, feel free to tag this thred to anyone else who asks the same dumb question in the future.


Lantern Swinger
I left the mob a couple of years ago, the day i realised I had changed was when i had just shagged a wren outside a Chinese takeaway that was next to a busy main road, i didnt even care that the local Italians were yelling at us from their car windows and beeping their horns, was good times

i unfortunately didnt make the cut as an STC but a couple of mates of mine began their training soon after I joined
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