having a girlfriend while in the navy

Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by boxy, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. I am joining the royal navey in less than 3 weeks and i was wondering if anyone has a partner / husband /wife in the navy, and how you can cope with it.

    I ask this because im with my girlfriend at the moment and am wondering what the chances of success is that she will still be with me when i leave.

    she is 19 and im 20 and have been together for almost 4 years, she has said she is willing to give it a try and i do know that it will be hard for her.

    do you get to see them alot if so for how long at a time etc and any information would help alot :)
  2. To give an appropriate advice the RR's will need to see a pic of the lady in question
  3. When I was joining, I had a BF that I'd been with for 2yrs. The RM Sgt at the careers gave me 6 months before we split, after joining.

    He was right
  4. Are you male or female?
  5. Depends how often you go home and how long for.
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not the first time this question has been asked :wink:
  7. im a male.

    edit to add: please be as direct as possible, i dont want any fairying around
  8. Direct?

    She or/and you will be shagging the brains out of someone else within weeks.
  9. how am i going to get laied drunig 9 weeks of training
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You got very excited when typing that didn't you :wink:
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  11. Fair one.

    Just her then.
  12. yea i did :oops:

    also do we get our ass kicked if we have.... "relations" with women on a ship
  13. ... and was the RM Sgt the catalyst? :wink:
  14. Well I mange to have a girlfriend in Cumbria, family in Glasgow and still manage to go to the football it will work if you want it to work.
  15. ARSE
  16. Why do I get the impression that you'll be single soon?

  17. There's your answer. You're fucked
  18. Having a Girlfriend in the Navy?
    Standards my man, you'll be too busy or sore after being in the barrel for you to worry about GFs.
    That being said if she's as rampant as you claim, I'd expect her to be on the prowl for fresh c-ock as soon as you're on the train to Raleigh Sunday AM. :twisted:
  19. i can tell that she is not going to look for other blokes, because we have both had chances to go with others and havent also she is a massive clinger and will proably be counting down the hours of when ill be back....infact she is a bit crazy about it somtimes.

    ....hmm i think i have just answered my own question, answer is that ill have to wait and see and if she does want to stay with me then im going to have to take myself ff facebook.

    thanks for the advice :D
  20. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I offer my services old chap. I'm more than willing to pop round to see her and cheer her up while you are away learning how to tie knots etc.

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