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Doesn't seem like the BBC is that keen on people having their say if they don't go along with the BBC's ideas.

Here is a link to a site that details all the censored comments the beeb have deleted.

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Nice one SgtP
Have pasted the link into my favourites. Perhaps now I will find out why the BBC don't let me post on HYS very often.
There are some real nutters out there, but one that made me crease is.....

How can child-drinking be curbed?
Written by captaindavethehat on Fri Nov 17 17:06:10 UTC 2006. 13 recommendations.

" Perhaps our Muslim neighbours have it right after all? You hardly ever see their kids out getting plastered.
Leonard Day, Cardiff, United Kingdom "

Well you need a steady hand for bombmaking......
Great link Pepper.

Having watched the shameful use of my licence fee over the last couple of hours , I am sat here seething, and I'm normally a staunch BBC supporter.

Can't wait to see how heavily censored the "Blair goes" thread will be.

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