Have you got your £1000000 from the Ivory Coast Yet

I have just found out why that nice Dr N'waban Obigijacar has not sent me the £1,000,000 GBP's as promised after I sent he
im the £20,000 need to complet the legal work and tax. It cos the mail is stuck in the Post Office with my Bankers draft with it.

No Post

He must be worth a fortune as he keeps promising folk all that money.
Seriously though it's about time a central point was setup where all these scams can be sent. The more information the better chance the authorities would have of catching these crooks


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Sorry that one's taking time to get to you Bob, why not give this one a go

Dear Friend,
Good day, I am Mr. Song Lile, staff of Hang Seng Bank Hong Kong,I
business proposal of $19,500,000, for you from my bank.Finally after
that I
shall provide you with more details.

Email:[email protected]
Song Lile
Funny how most of the scams come from West Africa - is it a geographical thing that they're all conmen, or have the exiled Brit criminal fraternity moved house ?
Feck me, I'm awaiting 500,000 klebbies of some sort from the Chinese Olympic Games ! Bet it's from the Chinky nosh shop downstairs though....
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