Have you got Windows Vista?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Desmond, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. If you have.

    Would you please explain how to import pictures from picture gallery to word document, and where is spell checker. Last night tried for ages.

    This is a new lap top still trying to get my thick head round it.

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  2. If you have problems with Vista, Microsoft have a patch for it that eliminates incompatibility problems, solves all known driver issues and improves performance by 100%. It's called Windows XP.
  3. Hi S I was trying to get a serious response!!

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  4. Sorry, wouldn't touch Vista with a bargepole, my PC works just fine, don't see any reason to lumber it with a massive and very expensive downgrade. My sympathy to all those who get saddled with it when they buy a new machine these days.

    Any other poor sods in the same situation out there who can help poor old Des out?
  5. Thanks "S".

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  6. If you ahve XP, no point using Vista, Vista, if I am correct, is 100% approved or am I being blonde again?
  7. There are a few help sites out there, but this one seems pretty good:


    Personally, I always wait a year or two when a new OS is released, but as in your case, it doesn't help when it comes with a new machine.
  8. I don't know whether you can run Apple's OS X (that's OS 10 to the uninitiated) now that the new Mac's have Intel ICs.... but with OS X you just drag the piccies (or any other media) from the screen or where ever to the document, and hey presto! Oh how I hate it having to use my PC at work with no such refinements!
  9. Does Windows Vista have it's own word then? or are you referring to Microsoft Word? (I know they're the same company). Does Vista affect programs and applications running within its system then?
  10. Hi C. Windows Vista does have its own word & notepad, and you can not drag pictures, they have to be imported. And I have yet to find a spell checker, bl--dy funny.

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  11. I havn't got vista myself so can't really help you I'm afraid, I assume you've tried the help (which I know at times isn't that helpful!)
  12. If you has VISTA... go to program folder, ask for sysyem. deinstall. Install XP
    wait 18 months resinstall vista.... get updates..

    Vista is PANTS, and should be avoided at all costs for the next year at least
  13. I had Vista for a week and hated it.Lots of gimmicks and not as good as xp -pro.I will certainly be staying away from it for quite a while.
  14. Thank you for the advise one and all, I am still back to square 1. if any one out there has any idea please PM me. This is brand new not ready for the scap heap already I hope!!

    Can I download a decent word prog that will help does any one know?
    That will import pics, & spell check? what I have at work is easy. I must agrea with all your coments though it is crap, but give me time and a little help maybe!! from certain quarters I might get there.

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  15. http://www.openoffice.org/ :thumright: They also have a community so any questions about it, give them a shout..
  16. apart from words like PANTS, I havent heard a good reason not to have Vista installed.

    Someone give me a very good reason why I shouldnt build a new PC and put vista on it, not just crap like its pants. I want reasons.



  17. No I dont.
  18. The only good reason that I can think of is historically microsoft have never ever issued a bug free operating system.
    I always wait for at least two years before upgrading as hopefully by then many of the bugs should have been identified and rectified.
    XP will do for me for a long time to come.
  19. Vista is new from Microsoft.. New microsoft programs and operating systems are notorious for being released to the public before they have been fully tested. They use the paying customers as fault finders.

    Its a bit like buying a car that will not start stop or go in the direction you point it in. The company will fix it but you are the mug doing thier development for them... Wait until the Bugs have been sorted out then buy it. Until these bugs have been ironed out you will have nothing but trouble. Vista has major problems with many internet providers, and wireless networks.

    Hookie, Just wait OK best advice I could give, with out being VERY BORING

  20. Go on Pinch, be very BORING, please.

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