Have you got £28000?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by spearfish, Aug 25, 2007.

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  1. **** off WAFU tosser - if you don't have 28 grand to spare you should have joined the submarine service. I await with baited breath your witty retort...
  2. Feck - just noticed Spearfish posted this... soz, deeps, obviously trying to wind in the WAFUs...
  3. £28k and you can't even fly it home because some bugger's nicked the instruments

    Might as well but a Trabant !
  4. Spearfish - look, you got one!!!! No instruments my arse...
  5. I like the "Post to: Europe, United States, Australia, Canada" bit, love to see the postie's push bike with that on it!
  6. I like it, but I dont think it would fit in the front garden, and I would need a crane to get it over the house into the back. Perhaps it would suit a pub beer garden who need something to attract the punters.
  7. Put it next to Kurtz's lone brain cell. Keep it company :thumright:

    I also await with baited breath your witty retort... :dwarf:
  8. At least you usually get an engine with a trabant
  9. FFS, can't you WAFUs get a 'real' project car?
  10. what have that sea harrier and HMS Astute got in common? Both costly pieces of junk with no engines in them :bball: :rendeer: :dwarf:
  11. Who in their right mind would spend £28000 beer tokens on a pile of worthless junk?

  12. Good beer attracts the punters
  13. Good to see you can string a sentence together that actually keeps the reader awake.
  14. Sorry Jim, but I fell asleep during the first read of his drivel! Can't even spell his own name right, surely that 'r' is an 'n'.............
  15. On a serious note (sorry!) why were these flogged off cheaply, why weren't some used as gate guards at RN bases? Outside the Imperial War Museum in London?

    Is there still a vacant spot on that plinth in Trafalgar Square? Wouldn't it look good with a Sea Harrier on it?!
  16. Stumpy, with regard to the redundant SHAR's, every base that wanted one as Gate Guardian got one. There is one on display on the main gate at Yeovilton and there are two at Cottesmore. Many more went to various museums up and down the country, the Fleet Air Arm museum has two. As far as I know one has ended up in a pub garden up Lancashire way. Culdrose has quite a few operating at the School of Aircraft Handling. The rest were sold of by the Defence Export and Sales Organisation to the highest bidder, and many went for a lot less than what is being asked on ebay. A site in Trafalgar Square would look good but I am sure the Liberal PC arts luvvies who decide on these things would have none of it.
    As for our submarine chum, Kurtz, can't he remember that submariners are meant to be part of the Silent Service, not some throwback to Harry Enfields Loadsamoney character, yes we know you get extra money for living under the sea and we are all dreadfully jealous :yawnstretch:
  17. It would look good on Nutty's roof in Espania. Problem is would his large, private, luxury......

    ...paddling pool fit in the same space?
  18. This is about 3 miles from my house. Would look good in the carpark at CERES Division.
  19. Straight answer to straight question - Yes!


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