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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Jenny_Dabber, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. Yes, very informative, interesting to read and some good stories

  2. Yes, no complaints here

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  3. Just your average site

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  4. No, to hard to find your way around

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  5. No

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  6. other - please state

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  1. Just want to see what people have thought or are thinking of this site. Do you find the site of any use? Have you found any information that has helped you out in regards to your Naval career or options? Do you find the site of interest for historical, social, laughs, good dit spinning and the good ole days?

    Lets hear your thoughts peeps!
  2. Personally I LOVE Rum Ration. I would happily pay a subscription or donate towards its upkeep, say via PayPal? I have learned a lot of things about myself and others experiences. It has modified my very negative view of Ganges to a much more positive one - never thought that would happen! Nutty has finally made me grow-up... well just a tiny bit :lol: I could have done with him as an oppo at G!

    RR is therapeutic. The story writing marathon at ? is particularly fun and a great way to relieve stress. I recommend it to anyone in need of submarine sustanance! :)
  3. It really is the biz , for all the other sites with Navy content I think this one is the liveliest with its comments ,freedom of speech-- :lol: :lol: and its topics cover all and everything Navy.

    Fcukin ace
  4. It's the cats pyjamas, excellent for banter and on occasion when people need to know something there is a wealth of naval experience to draw from. As for the person who posted a "missing the royal navy" dit, that was the funniest shit I have read in a long time, I was offshore at the time with some other ex matelots and we had tears in our eyes.
    The only thing that disappointed me was not the fact that I had been given an oxygen thief banner but that despite repeated requests the culprit didn't have the spuds to tell me why I had offended him/her :(
    Anyway, love this site, it's the nads !!
  5. It's been an eye-opening education for me, and a lot of fun.
    I had brushes with the RN/RM during my service, but never realised the depth of pride and tradition that goes along with being a Matelot/Bootneck.
    I'm a member of a few US military forums, but this seems to be where I spend all my time. Have I gone native, perhaps?
  6. The site is great, I love reading the dits and not once have I been told "pipe down you sprog" which is nice :lol:
  7. I agree - a great site for spinning dits and great to find out the stuff thats really going on - if anyone remembers buzz buster this kicks in well in to touch and it also has an added bonus of pissing the officers off!

    Bravo Zulu for starting it!
  8. Highly entertaining and educating. Should RR be getting a cut of the TV licence fee then?
  9. A very entertaining site with a wide variety of trades and people with lots of information
  10. Once again it has happened sad to say. A certain moderator has cut a post on a whim. I could understand if it was offensive, rude or a personal attack. But to cut a post just because it obviously didn't apeal to them I think is an abuse of position, I know a few other people have had similar problem as well. I hope this gets sorted soon, it is the only down side to a great site.
  11. On a situation like this, it is best to PM the MOD in question. Usually if you have had contact with that MOD via PM before and they have issued some type of warning regarding behaviour about posts and told you if this type of issue arises your post will be deleted without warning, they you may want to think how you have approached that topic.

    Just my penny, thats all.
  12. Cheers mate but no comms with said mod and it was a direct quote from RN website and certainly not offensive. Maybe flag bravo flying over there....everyone is entitled to a bad hair day I suppose. :D
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Rather just delete the post, could not the MOD delete the content and make an entry "Deleted by xxxxxxx , Persec, offensive etc. This lets the poster and everyone else have some idea of whats going on.
  14. That would be better mannered for sure. I guess I wouldn't get that cos there was nothing wrong with my post. There was an RNR guy shouting at someone about using the RNR as a stepping stone to the RN and calling him a part timer and I merely posted this FAQ from the RN website..
    Q, What Is The Royal Naval Reserve?

    The RNR is a part time organisation, which complements the Royal Navy in times of war, conflict and in peacetime where there is a requirement by the regular service
    I fail to see what the problem with that is.....
  15. Lads, instead of stepping off topic on this thread, maybe you could start a new thread in the site issues???
  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Miss, Miss, He started it 8O

    I thought it was in the right place ie site issues, and other issues in the poll
  18. Great site with a lot of interesting characters on it.
    It has given me a great insight on the Andrew and the people in it. I only had brief glimpses whilst I was in the corps and it is interesting to note that many of us have the same attitude to the forces or certain aspects of forces life.

    Have to agree that a mod putting a sign on a persons avatar without giving a reason is particularly obnoxious and is one of the few aspects that I think needs a serious look at.
  19. You are not wrong shipmate, I even emailed the Good and bad CO's but they didnt even reply.
  20. I would suggest that perhaps the question is wrong, I certainly find it interesting the people who post here fun to correspond with but useful in what sense.

    Certainly I would like it to continue and will continue to use it, even if at times the moderation is a trifle like a Chief GI with a hangover.


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