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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by andym, Oct 14, 2010.

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  1. Have you ever been sitting there having a really big shit
    Turned to look at it and thought......

    Hmmm so that's how much cock I could take
  2. Er, no. 8O :roll:

    Edited to say I probably will now though :D
  3. No but I have once taken a gander at the huge nutty log in the pan and wondered how the hell I wasnt bleeding
  4. Well I dropped one once and it hit the bottom of the pan before it left the arse hole.

    It was a bit of a Mr Whippy moment. But I wasn't that proud of it enough to tell my mates or take a pic !
  5. Hahaha priceless. Its when its so big its poking out of the water and yet is still right down the ubend. I call those ones the HMS Thetis effect.

    As an aside, wonder if the local business fella who wanted to raise Thetis/Thunderbolt got any reply from the MoD. Should be left where it is as its a war grave
  6. Andy! FFS lad, really! Have you no drugs to peddle? Clearly not as you seem to have time on your hands.
  7. No, but have often thought 'there goes another Regulator!!'
  8. You could probably take a bit more with the right preperation! Interesting insight though into how your mind works! :confused2:
  9. An oppo of mine actually got me out of bed to have a look at his turd once - it had a keyway running right down the middle of it that had been formed whilst being extruded past a hemorrhoid :D
  10. Haha the new art of turd identification via arsehole prints
  11. After seeing it, I had an idea of inserting a pastry cutter up your shitpipe so that you could shit different shapes - stars, hearts etc...

    Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that some sick fcuk had already invented something very similar :(

    Edited to add:-

    Here it is :-

  12. Cant belive I actually clicked on the link!!
    Next series of Dragons Den, I heard Deborah takes an interest!!! :D
  13. On the subject of shits - knew a bloke who was able to have a shit, whilst fully dresssed, squeeze the turd out in little bits, then shake it down his leg - out it popped and he'd carry on as if it was no big deal. Well impressive.

    Also, on similar theme - my pastime used to be how many sections I could snip my turd into (with only the use of my anus) before I ran out of shyte (had to be reasonable size, and not a squitter). Kept me amused for a while. Still do it when I'm of a mind.
  14. or see how much you can get our in one log without having to snip it off
  15. When it is soooooo long you have to rise off the pan and wriggle your arse to break contact, dead otter.
  16. Mate there is actually a poo chart used by the medical profession. My girlfriend has one framed ready to mounted in our bathroom. I will see if I can find one on the net.
  17. Yes,its called The Bristol Stool Chart.

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