Have you ever ....?


Lantern Swinger
have you ever done something really cool but nobody was around to see it?

if so what was it?

The reason i ask is because i just flicked a skittle (the sweet) and it landed on top of the vinegar bottle lid without falling off. it was a complete accident but it looked really cool. lol sorry just had to share this!


Lantern Swinger
I once shagged the hottest girl in my 6th form, but no one else was around to see it. Obviously no one believed me after either


War Hero
I once fixed the ship using an EP from an earlier Star Sight (within 6nm of posn - oh yea baby) with bearing line from moonrise and crossing a sounding line.

Middle watch and no amount of happiness from me could stir the QM. He couldn't see why I didn't use GPS.

The BM was getting the wets in. Not that he would have cared.
higthepig said:
Shagged a French Bird once.
Shagging French birds is not cool, exotic,erotic and hopefully pornographic. :thumright:
Now Norweigian bints, theres frosty. Not one of my oppos believed me when I and the best looking Ice Queen in the bar where MIA for 20 mins that we were outside shagging, that is until I stuck my middle finger under bezzers nose. :dwarf:
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