Have you ever seen what they do..??

Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by R12_CV, Jun 3, 2010.

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  1. Kinn'ell...

    I've just spent this evening explaining to a 15 YO lad the principles of Drill Instruction, ie; Dem, exp, imit & practice. As well as Precautionary & Executive orders etc etc.
    Followed by guiding him through the process of teaching 'Off-Caps' with a group of new cadets and how to apply 'Power of Command'
    This to make sure he's ready for his LH board in Aug.

    Whilst this was happening I was legging back & forth to another group of kids making sure they knew how to carry out duties of a QM.

    En-route, the booties needed some tips on 'Marksmanship Principles' and the NAFFI team then wanted help with Stand-Easy.

    So what am I on with here?

    Basically, its a long shot, and a call for help from any of you ex's out there (or even serving) in the Barnsley region who might be willing to give up a few hours a week to help these kids in the Sea Cadets in the art of becoming a matelot, or a bootneck.
    This unit has been trickle-feeding the RN/RM since 1942 and and intends to carry on doing this throughout this century.

    All pm's welcome from Barnsley area.
  2. I used to help out with the sea cadets a few years ago.. until the unit CO found out that I was sleeping with two of them as well..

    Oops 8O
  3. Are any of them fit?

    I could be tempted by a move to a Northern dump like Barnsley given the right offer.
  4. If you have have any orphaned olive skinned individuals with high voices and tight arses they have a free holiday in Spain waiting.

    Anything along these lines:

  5. FFS...you sh&gged SCC instructors.... 8O

    you pervert :D
  6. Oi, less of the 'Northern' crap. We are SOUTH Yorkshire.

    And for the price of a barrel of IPA, you can get your own detached pigeon shed c/w ferrets and a shed full of whippets. Your kids get educated by the likes of Brian Glover and the local footy team have fame equal only to the 80's pop group, Liquid Gold.
    And I defy softy southerners to dine better than our local folk do here on tripe..!

    As for cadets being fit; I take it you mean would they pass a 2.4K run 8)
    I guess that would be down to a PTI who might live around here willing to offer their services.... :?:

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