Have you ever passed Medical underweight? Gaining Weight before Recruiting


I am 21, 8.1 stone and 5'11 (and have stayed 8.1 stone for a few years whilst increasing slowly). I have applied to be a Supply Chain Logistician but I am very underweight due to genetics and fast metabolism. My metabolism will likely slow down with age as has happened with most of my family members.

However, I eat 2-3 meals a day and I snack in between and have started to increase my intake but find it hard to put anything on.

Do you think my application will allow for some lenience since I am not applying for a marine position? I am trying to eat more and more but am afraid I will not get the minimum BMI by the time Medical comes around.


Sorry. I am 21 but I just inputted a different date of birth just for privacy reasons. Well, I am going in the Royal Navy, not so much the Royal Marines.


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Increase your intake of foods that are likely to enable you to gain weight. Snack on nuts and dried fruit and try to introduce more cooked rice into your diet. Shakes and smoothies that you can buy off the shelf that are designed expressly for weight gain are also a good option.


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My son was the same and was told to return for another medical in 3 months time once he had put on about another 6 pound. He got Mutant Mass shakes from a body building shop my neighbour owned. Not ideal but mixed with maccies it worked a treat. He's still thin now but got in ok