Have you been Pwned?


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We're receiving numerous reports about a particular scam email at the moment. The email in question states that the sender knows your password, and suggests that you've been caught out watching... let's say... 'top shelf material' online
The sender requests several thousand pounds worth of bitcoin in order to keep It a secret, else they'll send proof to your friends and family
Rest assured, this is not genuine. Do not panic, and do not pay.
This scam is fairly widespread. In short, the sender uses information from previous data breaches to try and trick people. That's how they know your password and email address.

The fact they have your password means that your details have been taken in a previous data breach. If you recognise the password, but no longer use it, then you're a-ok. However, if you still use that password anywhere online, it's very important that you change it as soon as possible.
We recommend using a password manager to create and store long, strong and unique passwords. For more information on password managers, take a look at this article - https://www.techradar.com/uk/best/password-manager.
To see if your details feature in any known data breaches, check out www.haveibeenpwned.com. This site will tell you what breaches you feature in and, more importantly, what you can do to make sure you're secure again.
Yes, I have...last two evenings about the same time got said email. It gives me 24 hrs to give them lots of dosh or else. Password they detailed was one I used years ago, and probably came from an old, hacked account somewhere as mentioned above. I simply delete them, though tempted to respond with a smattering of Anglo Saxon pleasantries....
Expecting another email tonight around same time. It seems the sender can see you have opened the email first time round so the know they have a live email address. Next one you get, mark as spam and will go to that folder....As Janner mentions, I mention it again for emphasis, If by any chance you still use the detailed password featured in the email anywhere....simply go to that account and change password. I used the password detailed in email sent to me, in a number of accounts in the past e.g suppliers etc, many long defunct.
Worry not comrades...you secrets are safe.....:) :) :)
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Looked into this...do I need a seperate VPN app for Windows and Android.
Don't know is the honest answer!
Nord have a good deal right now, 70% off. £96 for 3 years!!! (£2.90 something a month). Seriously looking at it myself at the mo!!!


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Looked into this...do I need a seperate VPN app for Windows and Android.
OK, Just looked at Nord. It protects up to 6 devices. Apple, Windows Mac's, Android. So it looks like they have all the bases covered.
My work mate has had it for years and swears by it.

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I use Bitdefender, have done for years, good techy back up and VPN. Techy back up important if you don't care how it works just that it does work !!:rolleyes:
Well, no nasty email yesterday. I guess the scamming bastards have given up on this pilgrim.....no bites...:)


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I use Bitdefender, have done for years, good techy back up and VPN. Techy back up important if you don't care how it works just that it does work !!:rolleyes:
Someone posted a short live stream from Bitdefender on Fb yesterday!!! Shocking to see just how many attacks are going on - per second!!!!!
One thing I did suss from the live stream. Your pretty safe if you live in Alaska!!!!
Found the link!
Bitdefender Live!
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