Have you been on a foreign posting as a military spouse?

If you have you could really help my study! At the beginning of 2011 I posted a link for my PhD study looking at the impact of being on a foreign posting with the British military as an accompanying spouse. I needed participants for an online forum and had a great response so thank you again for your help!

Anyway, this time for the last part of my study I am running a short, COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS, online survey which is purely a tick box response and will take around 10 - 15 mins to complete. If you have a few mins to look at it that would be great as it allows me to determine the different types of support different spouses need whilst on a foreign posting. I need to get as many responses as possible to make my results more robust, so if you do have a few mins please have a look at my website for more details Operation Spouse Overseas | For all spouses of the British military -wherever you may be!

This is the very last phase of my study so if you fancy taking part have a look at the link above, or if you have any questions my contact details are available on my website.

Thank you!!
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