Have we lost England?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by brazenhussy, May 14, 2007.

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  1. I'm sorry to say it but I think we have already lost Her. Everything our fathers and grandfathers fought for has been given away in the blink of an eye. Our current leaders have made a mockery of all our ancestors achieved.
    This is Britain not Bosnia, not Romania etc....... and by saying such things does NOT make me racist (a word used far to much) We, and by we, I mean the crappy government and the poxy PC brigade need to realise that the people of Britain the TRUE people of Britain need to come 1st. Like every other nation their natives come 1st.
    It seems we are to eager to please others above ourselves. Well like the old saying CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.
    This country is on a slippery slope and seems to unable to stop, we should forget everyone else and just get on with sorting out our own troubles first and sod the rest of the world.
    Why do we spend so much money on celebrating things like the Chinese new year, St Patrick's day and other such events when we can not even celebrate St Georges day and fly our national flag with out some ****** from the council threatening to take you to court, or some other immigrant, who only speaks English when it comes to gaining things, having a go.
    If they don't like the rules here then they can all sod off home, and why are we sending so much bloody money to Africa for the starving when OAPs are dying of cold and hunger here because they cant afford the stupid tax increases brought on by the Government for the money to do all this crap for immigrants and third world country's-do you honestly think that other country's' would give a toss about us if we were in need of help.
    It makes me cry as to what has happened to this once great country of my fore-fathers. We had an empire - this country is called Great Britain not rubbish Britain.

    I am sure there will come a time in the future when the likes of Alf Garnett and Benny Hill will return and put the Great back into Great Britain. Until that time we will have to put up with the antics of the PC squad trying to show England in a bad light. :evil: :evil: :evil:
  2. PS-No I have not got PMT nor did I fall out of bed the wrong side, and no I'm not sexually frustrated!!!!

    Just felt like a rant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :D :D :D :D :D :D
  3. You just keep talking that way and express your opinions as is your right. Call a spade a spade and don't feel the need to apologise for your views. If we keep bowing and apoligising to the pc bridgade then all is lost.
    It is becoming the way of things all over the world, I suppose our fluffy hugs mentality is spreading. I agree about charity beginning at home and if up to me I would completely scrap benefits for all but people over the age of retirement and disabled folk. I take the same view as Mrs Ling when people beg over here as in the UK, if they are young and fit enough to work they get nothing, they are just lazy, screw em.
    I am not as proud as I once was to call myself an Englishman but that is what I am although as I get older I see that it matters less where you come from or where you live, having worked with people of nearly all the nationalities it is obvious that we are all very similar, no matter where we come from.
    If it makes you feel any better there is good and bad in all countries and their governments and I still believe that when you compare them, the UK is still one of the better places to live. I think their are few people in the UK who could be described as really poor.
  4. cheers Ling xx :D :D
  5. :lol: England First :lol: pmsl
  6. ???????????????? 8O
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Buy Blitish....fcuk the rest.....
  8. Talking about Scotland, a member of the Scottish parliament swore in in URDU. What's that all about.
    geoff(ers) :?
  9. It is a point many agree with, I know of 5 servicemen and two ex servicemen who have or are just about to emmigrate to either N Zealand or Australia. All because they and there families have had enough of our country. Mainly Blair his wife and the PC brigade, funny how blair brought in the new Human rights act and his wife makes millions from it for her company!
    It is sad to say but it is true.
  10. I agree with everything you say B H but the sentence every nation puts their natives first! The Maori's in NZ, the aborigines in Oz, the North American Indians ad many others are treated as second or third class citizens. It is now very close to it happening here, well another 25 years, that is the forecast that Great Britain will become a Muslim state! Just because this government and past governments gave immigrants too many rights :!: :(
  11. A bit like saying use the villiage store and driving down the road to Tesco's cos its much cheaper. Which happens here in Spain as well as the last two villiages I lived in when in the UK. How many new Rover cars or Triumph M/Cs did you own in the past 10 years??????

  12. One-Rover 220 coupe
  13. I used to be "overly patriotic", and I don't mean in a bad way :)
    Nothing was ever as good as here, no car etc was as good as what we'd made already, no language was as pertinent as English, you get the idea.

    But eventually, you get worn down by it all, sticking up for a country that hates its native population. Yes, hates.
    Not just because of immigrants, not just because of call centres and factories moving overseas or even because of Vicki Pollard types but because of all of those things and the government that makes it happen.

    If people aren't proud of themselves how CAN they be proud of their country?
    People WON'T go to work if they can get away with it, because society says thats ok these days, we'll pay for you.
    Ring a helpline and the person answering the phone in Mumbai say's his name is Dave and isn't the weather crap at the moment yet we put up with this illusion of locality and friendliness knowing full well that his name isn't "Dave" at all and the weather in Mumbai is effing lovely!

    The union is under threat too.
    Yes, it was formed from conflict and under all the wrong reasons but we, as Scottish and English people, have made it work for hundreds of years, only for it all to be on the brink of collapse due to unjust funding, political decisions designed with one person in mind (not the whole) and this so-called devolution, which has brought only bad feeling (on the part of the English at least)

    Everything that I grew up loving about this England of mine has gone. At one time I used to get close to tears thinking about it, but nowadays I just don't bother any more. I'm done with swimming against the tide, I can't go on. I couldn't look at myself in the mirror if I let my own children grow up in a country that doesn't applaud its own achievements, let alone teach them the basics properly, only for them to face the possibility of being mugged, or even worse, stabbed fatally, coming home from school.

    My family and I need to get away, and not just from the UK, but from the Europe that threatens the very existance of England itself.
    I feel defeated.
  14. And the PC brigade that have gone mad,

    Black coffee = plain coffee (so why is it still allowed to be called white coffee??)
    Christmas holidays = winter holiday (is Father Christmas going to be called father winter??)
    Blackboard (later changed to a chalk board) so now why is it called a whiteboard???

    And when it comes to racist remarks, why is it a white person being called chalky, pinkie or whitey, isn't classed as being racist???

    And the latest one I can think of is at schools, the nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black sheep = now to be sang Baa Baa rainbow sheep ( has anybody ever seen a bloody rainbow sheep????? There are white ones and Black ones)

    Can someone tell me what's the difference???

    Yes England is losing its backbone. We are a multi cultural society, yes everybody has there beliefs, but you wouldn't go to another country and dress against their culture, you respect it!!!

    We should fight for all our English heritage not let the PC brigade ruin it, be proud of who you are, be proud of where you come from, be proud of your roots- (even though it is hard to.)[​IMG]
  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I was joking......... always fancied a MGB or a Morgan, come to think of it haven't had a car for a few years, only vans. have one daf 7.5 tonne, one Iveco and a ford transit, the last car I had was a Rover that I bought for 500 quid as run around for my actors, sold it for 5 pints once it's job was done.
  16. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    tell a lie...I bought two of the fcukers... :)
  17. I despise the lies coming from the Government. The Office for National Statistics released in April that 56,000 Poles had entered the U.K. in 2005. Yet the Department for Work and Pensions states that 170,000 Poles have applied for National Insurance cards in the same period.

    The town of Slough on it's own is an example of chaos. The Council and Police are agreed that in a short period at least 10,000 Poles (alone) have entered the town to live yet the new counting system bought in by New Labour have shown a decrease, hence no further funding. Just have a look on the web for immigration and lawyers in Slough, it's a thriving business. I pick this town as I lived close by for many years and know it well. I recently went back and I was definitely a stranger in my own Country. By the way, the new counting figures show a decrease in London of 60,000. No way. On local news yesterday it was reported that since 1st Jan this year 90 unaccompanied children from Romania have decended on one Berkshire town forcing them to deal with the problem. It is a crisis which does exist but is being ignored by all parties, probably until it is to late.
    The Council Tax in Slough has risen by 70% in the last few years and a further 6% will be needed to deal with their problems. Yet more hospitals are closing and the lists for patients is being distorted by spin and lies.

    Finally the only sense I have read recently is to install turnstiles in all airports, coach stations and ports and connect them to the National Grid to solve our energy problems.

    What was that poem about Slough?
  18. A few pointers here!

    I couldnt give a fcuk for any of them there black hooded pieces of shite walking round my home town in Cheshire which was once Lancashire.

    My brother tells me I am racist I have all the time in the world for the Chinese who are pleasant and the Jamaicans etc who do mix.

    Sorry the hooded shite can go back from whence they came. I personally think they are making a statement wearing the black hood and veil. The statement is look at us you soft English shite we can do what we want in your country. All of a sudden it is popular to walk about veiled. This was never seen or heard of a few years back??

    Buying British!!

    We can thank the dinosaur brigade for the decline of the industry in the UK.

    Take the BSA Bantam. The British motorcyclist prefers the kick start method to start their machines so they thought! Pathetic little rubber horn on the handlebars. Mind the SUPER BANTAM then came with electric horn! Alongside we had the Honda CB175 electric starter the works. No more kicking away for ignition cursing and cussing. No more oil leaks

    Norton in the early sixties developed the electric start on a model but they thought it would never catch on. How wrong they where. Japan carried it onwards to glory.

    Walking in the Yorkshire Dales at 2300ft there is no sign of the black hooded shite. And for a moment GB looks good!!

    Over in Ireland I heard a statement last week that we have learnt from the mistake England made by letting so many in. Considering there are half a million Poles and Lithuanians working there I think not!! Mind if the economy takes a nose dive they will soon be gone.

    Excuse me can you give me directions to the hospital please. "Yes go down here and round the circly carry on and round the other circly"

    Reading in the local paper. Man just lit his ciggie another man comes along. "Please to use your fire" Meaning can I have a light please. The journie wants to know how they are surviving in Ireland with there knowledge of English.

    To be a flight attendant for Ryan Air these days you need to be a good swimmer???????? Please explain!!!
  19. Good point, lets start by revoking any sex discrimination legislation and efforts for income parity for women, that was the thin end of the wedge.

  20. As a famous person once said:

    "There is a forgotten, nay, a forbidden word, which means more to me than any other...That word is England"

    W Churchill

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