Have we just paid off 2 Tankers?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by TF110, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. Quick question raised on another forum - are Oakleaf and Brambleaf being decomissioned at the moment? Also rumour control (otherwise known as NUMAST telegraph) is suggesting that Fort Vic is going into reserve for 2 years. Anyone know better?
  2. One of the Leafs and a Rover are tied up in Pompey
  3. Oak & Bramble are both in BIII at Pompey in addition to Grey Rover. Oak went in before Easter and Bramble has been in longer. Vic is also on the programme for "rundown" in June. Given the EUROPA90 schedule, wouldn't bet on the Leafs coming out again....
  4. Well we need some RFAs to support the mothballed PortsmouthTask Group: 1CVS, 2 LPDs, 2/3 T42s, MCMVs etc. It is well known that OIC DRSO has a bigger Fleet than any Connodore.
  5. The worrying thing is the discrepancy between what is acknowledged as permanently decommissioned (ie not in reserve) and what is not.

    Pompey currently has :
    Fearless, Intrepid, Glasgow, Newcastle, Cardiff, Leeds Castle, Sir Galahad, Sir Tristram, Sir Percivale, the three NI Hunts, Grey Rover, Bristol and Rame Head - all officially listed as withdrawn / for disposal.

    There is also Invincible (nominally in reserve), plus the Chilean T23s being transferred which are known about.

    The question is what the status of the two Leafs and possibly Vic is? MARS is no further towards a tanker solution at present (thanks mainly to MinDP and his obsession with ShipCo) and this takes something like 60000 cubes out of the RFA capacity, with NO official announcement.

    Something is rotten in the COMRFAs empire.....
  6. Such a shame. Oakleaf is the only ship the MOD have with a swimming pool and sauna on board.
    I shit you not!
  7. Bulwark has a pool on board so does Largs Bay...... well they did when they both sprung leaks...... 8)
  8. Oakleaf & Brambleleaf have de-commissioned as they are "Single Hulled" and thus under MARPOL Regs should not be at sea. However MOD have that ruling put aside for the past 5 years. So no longer are they allowed to continue service as it would be too expensive to carry out a major refit to rectfy this short fall.
    On the grape vine I too have heard that Ft Austin is going into a extended refit. But do bear in mind, we have two new Wave (Wave Knight & Wave Ruler) Class Tankers and currently 2 new LSL(A)'s, the Mounts Bay & Largs Bay with another just finishing trails/work-up (Cardigan Bay) and one more in the fitting out stage (Lyme Bay). These being the replacements for the old LSL's - Sir Class.
  9. I believe that Ft Vic is to be held alongside in Birkenhead for a extended period along with a couple of other RFA's, not which ones however.

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