Have They Forgotten About Me?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by BrainStew, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. Hey!, I first did my RT in September 2010, i passed and everything was okay, and then from i havn't heard from the Navy since. I recently went and seen my AFCO yesterday, just about to see about the waiting times ( i am joining as a Seaman Specialist), my Afco said i woudlnt hear from them for maybe another year? Do they send you a letter atall saying that they havnt forgotten about you or anything? hahaha, sorry, i just don't want to screw up with all the waiting times and such..

    Be cool if anyone could shed some light about waiting times for SS too? i know my afco said, but id still wanna get some feedback off other people!. Many thanks m'lions!
  2. Apart from my RNAC on the 21st of Feb, I haven't heard anything since around June 2010, after I'd finished my 2.4km. Tempted to phone my CA just to see how the 'queue' is holding up. But I feel I might be wasting his and my time :S. Our time will come!
  3. Rather than phoning you every day with a Countdown of how many years, months, days and hours are left until you pass through the gates at Raleigh the AFCO bods are probably having a lie down to get over yesterday's make a mend lock-in down the local Legion.:blob4:

    You will be contacted in the fullness of time when there is a place confirmed for you, in the meantime check the regularly updated "How long do I have to wait Ninja-Stoker?" Newbies thread which gives approximate waiting times for each trade.
    Oh and keep the fitness up you never know you might get a cancellation place next week.
  4. Hi brainstew, I felt the same yesterday, I passed my RT and did the forms in October last year, thought i'd phone them yesterday to make sure everything was fine, they said they'll be ringing me to get an update towards the end of april, so you may be getting a call in a few weeks or so.
    They also told me that they contact us every 6 months or so for an update etc.
  5. I spoke to my CA whilst I was waitjng and was informed that calling everyother month was a good thing to do, as they are now taking into account how much of an interest you are showing in your progression up the ladder to allocate start dates. It also helps if you want to be put forward for bidding.

    Hope this helps

  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Seaman Specialists can currently expect about a 36 month wait for entry.

    Whilst it's appreciated that is of little comfort to those wishing to join, most employers will simply state they have no vacancies & leave it at that. At least by sitting the recruiting test, for RN applicants the clock starts ticking & they don't miss the opportunity to join once there is forward movement. The Fire service, civilian Police, RAF, to name but a few, simply open a trade to recruitment & accept applications at that time only.

    Every sympathy is afforded those wishing to join faced with a long wait. However, those claiming Jobseekers Allowance should certainly not stop actively seeking employment or inform the DWP that they are "waiting to join the Navy" as it doesn't wash.

    When it comes to selection interview an applicant who cannot back-up the claim that they have been trying to find work by taking-up further educational courses, undertaking voluntary work, Princes Trust Schemes & continuing to submit job applications is possibly going to be disappointed if they are not provisionally accepted for entry.

    The fact that a person passes the Recruiting Test does not mean you have a job offer. A job offer will only happen if the applicant passes the Recruiting Test, Medical examination, PJFT, Selection Interview & gains security clearance - until that time, the individual is applying for a job, "not waiting to join".
  7. do the new waiting times apply to someone who has been in the system since 2009?
  8. Why not just ask your own AFCO when you next check in for your Monthly/Weekly/Daily applicant/supplicant update?

    Then you can return to ask N_S if that info is correct - Seems to be what everyone else is doing :wink:
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    No, however waiting times will all have been extended by at least 6 months due to the 6 month cessation of intakes at Raleigh & if the waiting time for the trade extends, it may impinge on those already in the system subject to revised manning requirements in light of the SDSR.

    For those waiting a long time to join, it's maybe worth considering a re-take of the recruiting test to increase the range of jobs available, particularly if they initially opted to join in a trade that was not their first preference - but the clock for a change of job preference starts from when the score for the trade is reached.

    It is always possible the bar may be raised with regard recruiting test scores for technical trades (ETs), so the higher the score, the better.
  10. And don't forget you can still fail Raleigh and not be in the RN. No pressure.
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Not forgetting that Initial Naval Training is now ten weeks
  12. Out of interest N_S, is the RT still valid for 3 years or has that been extended due to the increase in waiting times?

  13. Everyone seems to have done their Rt PJFT And Medical, within a few months of eachother? All i have done is the RT? and i've been waiting for 6 months now? :(
  14. I'm in the same boat don't worry. It's been nearly a year since I passed my RT and no sign of a Medical or Fitness test, reason being that since the waiting list is so long, I'd have to retake them anyway before getting a Raleigh date as the results would have expired.
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's still only valid 3 years, dunno why that is to be honest as you don't need to re-sit a GCSE etc. Then again it's beyond me why it isn't a computer based test liker the Army have used for the last 10+ years. Those who are required to re-sit the test can actually make themselves ineligible to join, so the advice is to revise if a re-sit is required prior to entry.

    If waiting times for a specific Job are in geatly in excess of twelve months (such as Sea Spec) it does not make financial sense to process beyond the recruiting test as all other elements of selection will time-expire every six or 12 months & need repeating. Security Clearance, for example lasts 12 months & costs a 'reputed' £1800 a pop.
  16. That's very true, however it may be that if a potential candidate spends 3 years waiting for an entry date and not working and having prolonged exposure to day time TV, a dumbing down phenomenon may occur.
  17. oooooo I have cost £2600 so far excluding medical and my security is due to run out again.
  18. My son passed his RT,PJFT,Medical,Interview etc all within 6 weeks of each other,that was March/April 2010.He was given an approx wait of 18 months.He applied for ETME. His AFCO was speaking to him today on the phone and said the realistic start date could now be 12 months from now which is a total of 24 months from passing his tests.Things could change for the better hopefully....
  19. Ninja If I whinge enough can you get me a place in basic for next Monday???
  20. If it worked that way the waiting times would be even longer

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