Have the wheels come off Boris's golden coach?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. The mayor’s deputy is facing allegations of sexual misconduct and it seems that he may also have a murky past, now this comes after one of his senior advisers quit last month after apparently remarking that Caribbean immigrants should go home if they did not like London, I love it. =)
  2. Fin
    People in glass houses etc etc
    Scottish Labour Party leader resigns after being found guilty of breaking funding rules
    Wendy Alexander today announced her resignation as leader of the Scottish Labour Party. The embattled leader said she was standing down with ``deep regret''. The announcement comes after Holyrood's Standards Committee ruled she should be suspended from Parliament for one day for failing to declare to donations to her leadership campaign.
  3. Touche old chap touche :thumright:

  4. And the Leader of the Scottish LibDems has also apparently resigned, according to yesterday's FT. Only the Tories and SNP to go! :lol:

    FT: 2 July 08
  5. You make it sound as it young Boris is implicated when it is in fact Boris that is launching the investigation.
  6. You have chosen to interpret my post that way, if you know something that we do not I hope you will go to the appropriate authorities. As for what is going on in the land of oatcakes and whisky, I care not a jot as I do not reside there anymore.

    The majority of the forum members leap at the chance to ‘slag off’ new labour, I am merely doing the same with the Tory trash.

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