Have the PC Brigade screwed up the U.K.?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. It's my belief that the PC Brigade along with the social security system is responsible for the demise of the U,K. as it used to be. In other words they have fckd up our country.

    Nice site below seems to agree, however discuss.


    1) Political Correctness

    We could argue all day about the definition of political correctness - if you feel like doing that then click here for an authoritative discussion of the point by freedefinition.com. For the practical purposes of this site, the term political correctness includes:

    1) Doing the reverse of what common sense would suggest
    2) Inconveniencing the innocent while making life easier for the wrong do-er
    3) Not telling the truth in case it offends
    4) Changing the language where you perceive it may offend
    5) Doing exactly the opposite of what you preach
    6) What you do has the effect of making the problem you were trying to cure far worse
    7) Doing ridiculous things just for a political reason
    Favouring a minority just for a political reason

    The PC Brigade would obviously have other terms for these but let us stick to the practical effects of their actions not their perceived ones.

    Another definition I quite like is this one. It won the 2007 annual contest at Texas A&M University calling for the most appropriate definition of a contemporary term.

    “Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical, liberal minority and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.â€

    2) The PC Brigade

    So who are they? Here are some comments I have read or been given:-

    Any hand-wringing moral guardians, such people as "airy fairy libertarians". "The Liberati" - a "self-appointed" elite. Almost certainly a Metropolitan one. They are also "liberal", in the broadest sense, perhaps the same "woolly-minded Hampstead Liberals" Or perhaps they are the "yoghurt-eating, muesli-eating, Guardian-reading fraternity", Labour MP Kevin Hughes referred to in the same year? By contrast the Hampstead liberals of political folkore are more generally portrayed as the fair-trade coffee-sipping, dinner-party attending middle classes. The handwringing members of organisations such as Liberty. Those that would sometimes seem to put the rights of the criminal above those of the wider community. (Oh, to live in a Liberati world, where there are no terrorists (was 9/11 a quantum spontaneous event?), all criminals are innocent (they fail to explain who does commit the crimes that occur), and the nearest they get to conflict is fighting with another 4x4 for that last bit of pavement to park on when dropping their mini-Liberati off at school. Wake up to the real world!!! )

    The human rights mafia and all those self appointed guardians who think they know better than the rest of us poor, law abiding, tax payers who pay for it all.

    You may not be able to describe one easily but you know one when you hear one. Obsessed with social issues and 'poor' people, forever worrying about Aids, smacking kids, discrimination against whatever, criminalising youth by punishing them and being politically correct. Oh, and anti Iraq war. Is that enough?

    As I understand the word, the Liberati are typically a naive, limp-wristed bunch of hypocrites (and yes, usually TimeOut/Guardian-reading, Birkenstock-wearing well-off corporate types) who are obsessed with being seen as 'right on' and compassionate. Yet when push will come to shove in an increasingly dangerous world and action is needed to protect us, you can guarantee the Liberati will be safe and warm, cowering inside their Islington townhouses. I don't agree with everything Blunkett or the government does by any means, but nor do I want to live in a society where lax laws and double-standards favour the criminal over the victim, or the extremist over the moderate.

    The Liberati are a group of political elite who think they are more intelligent and sit above the people and have the right to shape our lives - well they don't. Most of them live in safe middle class areas where their liberal views don't catch up with them - they are hyprocrites with a capital H - wake up, smell the coffee and live with the rest of us in the real world where the legacy of liberal polices blight day to day life.

    The Liberati are the cartoon, extreme liberals, and are, in their own way, no less blinkered than the neocons they hate. They have a fondness for pursuing the lofty principle over the practical, however ludicrous that may be, have patronsingly idealised views of the working classes (despite usually being wealthy), and always take the moral highground. They hate Americans and their arguments seldolm hold water. Sadly, this, and their general bearing, tends to undermine the arguments of the more moderate liberal-types.

    And my personal favourite: The liberati are just people who haven't been mugged yet ......
  2. YES!
    No need to discuss the F/KIN obvious. However it will make an interesting thread for the usual ideologies.
  3. Personally, I hate the term PC Brigade, mainly because it feeds the idea that there are a small group of people causing the nause and lunacy oft-associated with "PC". In reality, the idea of PC is now so deeply enshrined in law (or at least precedent) that it's too late to do anything about it unless a massive amount of legislation and policy guidance is generated. The root of it is the idea that no-one must cause "offence" to anyone in thought, word or deed, hence the proliferation of "hate crimes" and all that other sh1te.
  4. Surely 'politically correct' is a misnomer?
  5. Glad you've got that lot off your chest, hope you feel better for it.

    Can't comment on political correctness as it's so undefined that it renders any discussion pointless.

    You might want to read up on Liberalism (in the sense you seem to be implying) and Libertarianism, you'll spot one or two subtle differences, although I appreciate it might just be a typo. Whilst Wikipedia has significant weaknesses, those are both fair reflections of the topics.
  6. There are one or two people on here who are qualified to give an opinion on the last one (GR and NZB I think)
  7. Very sorry that you cannot understand the definition of poltical correctness. Perhaps if you had looked a little further than wikipedia it may have helped.

    This guy seems to understand it enougth for it to bother him somewhat:

    Europe's citizens must be on their guard against political correctness and moralising politicians, says the European Commission President José Manuel Barroso in an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

  8. Karma
    For your liberal ideology to work those living under it must make it work. It's very similar to communism in a way. Neither system has a hope in hell of working so long as the state provides and individuals refuse to accept responsibility for their actions.
  9. Didn't say that I couldn't understand it, but there are so many, mutually exclusive, definitions that it is essentially undefined. With no clear definition any discussion is moot.

    I do hope you found the other points useful, I'm still assuming it was just a typo.
  10. What do you mean by liberal in this sense?
  11. If you had read the post the so called typo you are getting your knickers in a twist about was cut and pasted from the site identified.
    You really are an arrogant sod
  12. Whatever you wish it to mean. Just so long as it gets your goat!
  13. I look on it as light entertainment
  14. Merely trying to be helpful, and I'd question the value of the site with such a simple error being made.

    Thank you for your valuable and well respected opinion ;)
  15. Karma admit it
    You are Norman
  16. I thought you were...

  17. Not_a_boffin sums much of the problem up nicely. It has also become entwined with a shed load of Human Rights rules and obligations. I'm not sure if this is a peculiarly British thing but we do, as a population, seem to slot into the expectations rather easily. I hesitate to use the sheep similarity. The greatest followers and, by their position, instigators are those people in positions of authority. They will go to the extreme to even risk the remotest possibility of offence. I cannot believe that this is simply because of fear of being sued. There are similarities to how we treat the EU trading rules. It seems that we and the boxheads abide by the letter and then a bit, whereas the more "latin" nations seem content with a near approximation.

    Is it also a side effect of a totally civilian mindset in such an incredibly large proportion of the population?
  18. Blame the PC brigade for what? Giving some downtrodden individuals a right to a half way decent life?
    If you don't like it then tough. If it has got out of hand then tomorrow morning when you shave look hard in the mirror and see the reason.
    From my own perspective it'd be nice to see the middle class, heterosexual majority have to fight for their pitch. Things change and you can never tell what is around the corner, our 'civilisation' is delicate and simply what we have at the moment.
    Ye Gods! enough of this prattling on; the other half has offered to take me out for early doors, it being Sant Valentines, and I fully intend to make the most of our money.
    Anyone doing anything special today have a DAMN good time.
  19. I vote at election time. I expect the members of parliament to represent the views of those who vote for them. Instead we get a bunch of self centred individuals who only represent what they want.
    The only way I and many others can effect any change is through the ballot box. However it does not seem to be working as manifesto promises are not kept. Perhaps it is about time for manifesto promises to be legally binding if the party making them get in.

    So Sussex you are content to see the following:

    The poor downtrodden youth who has just kicked to death an innocent person go to a young offenders institute for 5 years but to be released in 2.

    The homeowner who has just been prosecuted for trying to protect his property and is now in court for assaulting the poor downtrodden bunch chavs destroying his house.

    I suppose this is all OK because now the poor downtrodden Homosexual can march with pride?

    What a load of bollocks.
  20. Perhaps I'm too thick to make the link but what has "political correctness" got to do with socialism?

    Anyway; have some good wets and some even wetter ones later. :thumright:

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