Have I made wrong job choice?

I'm an SC and to be honest I've had a cracking time. Only time I've moved baked beans is as general stores party for store ship which is a job any branch can be stitched up for. Don't get me wrong being a jack dusty isn't the most glamourous job in the world but when you're out in the middle east and have 48 hours to order a specific piece of equipment, organize the transportation of it to your next port of call, so that it can be fitted and enable the ship to get back to sea, it's a challenging job. Yes you'll have to lift and shift stores (especially if you're the storeroom and jetty SC) but then again that's the nature of the beast. If you have a good POSC, they'll start you in the office raising MATDEM's, OPDEFS's, EQUIPREC's and every other signal under the sun to get you in the deep-end. Don't forget, you'll do other jobs on top of your trade Flyco logger on RFA's, IBO operator, fire fighters, I've even been a ships photographer.


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Jack dusty will give you far more job opportunities when you eventually leave the mob, and you can live just about anywere. AC (something to do with waffoos I think) limits you to airport areas. As for changing branches I knew quite a number of guys who did exactly that in the 70's and 80's. One guy changed from UC to RO and then went on to command his own boat.


I still think it's not about what you actually do in the mob.
It's what you make of it. Your mates, the crap you get up to.
Hell I have been out too long to give a shit or care.
Go for AC, 95% homosexuals can't be wrong.

RomanyRanner sums it up really, it doesn't matter what you do (as long as you don't get swayed by AC lol).. its what you make of your life and all the runs ashore with your messmates.. depends if you want to see much of the upperdeck or want to be stuck down below, but as the stokers will confirm, if your stuck down below most of the time at sea you will play harder when you get ashore!!. at least you don't do watches at sea so get a good nights sleep.
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