Have i made the rigth choice??

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dand123, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. I have recently been accepted to join the royal navy as a Mine warfare Specialist.

    I was just wandering if any advice is available as i cannot find alot of info about them.

    Not sure whether this is the right choice as i have heard a fair few negatives about the role. Im basically having second thoughts about it, as this choice was not my first.

    Any advice gratefully received.
  2. I can't really answer your question about Mine Wafare but just out of curiousity what was your 1st choice?
  3. AET missed out on the aptitude by a few percent
  4. I was recently speaking to someone on the Mine Warfare Vessels, he is thoroughly enjoying it, there are times when it gets repetitive, but that is something which can happen in all branches of the Navy.

    If you are not sure you really need to find out more before you go, because you cannot change branches when you get down there.
  5. Hi Dand123

    What have you heard about the role that you are worried about?
  6. Just not sure about the options available after service what i could enrole as? etc, and i keep hearing about OM's people saying that they only wash dishes and paint boats? dunno if you could help?
  7. I guess it’s going to be like any role in the Navy, allot of time spent looking after the boat and doing whatever is required. I have heard promotion in quite quick compared to some other trades. It is the kind of job if you’re not training you're quite likely to get stuck with some of the crap jobs onboard because it’s not like a navigator role who would be working on their own job, but on the up side because you're on a smaller boat there is more of a chance to get involved in a varied tasks.

    Plus if you leave the navy you can go and work for the oil and gas or telecommunications industry doing surveying work with ROV's $$$$$$$.
  8. Thanks for that one way to look at it . I suppose ive only heard from people that arent in the branch. i see your goin in on the 2nd Dec can ask what your doin? Cheers
  9. mine warfare :)
  10. Lol looks like im gonna get to know you then. Im at Raliegh 2nd of December aswell going for mine warfare specialist.
  11. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    you ll do well,,,,,,just don't step on any!

    Being a cross bred from a different branch, i would never dream of insulting my OM friends, but don't be a special nugget and believe what everyone tells you.

    Further research required, just don t swim with the dolphins they might pee on you.
  12. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I hope your religeous, Jesus was a mine warfare specialist, when he went yomping off across the sea of Galalee he was actually out stamping for mines.
  13. Cool there is another guy on here going on the 2nd, named " smircula44 "
    we have been chatting on the PM, if we can we might try and meet up on the way down, I'll cc you in on the next PM. :)
  14. Yeah o.k then just a quick question how old are you guys? if you dont mind me asking?

  15. smircula44 in his mid 20's and I'm in my early 30's :D
  16. Alright then got afew years on me then im 19, anyway hope to speak on pm always good to get to know who your workig with.
  17. I'm not a MW specialist myself, but i have a few friends who are and they enjoy it

    sea to shore ratio is very very poor, for example average chap who has been in 22 years can expect to spent 19 of them at sea, which isnt great for family time, whereas myself being communications have been to sea 9 years in 17

    MW course isnt taxing and its not very long and the navy nickname for them are 'MUPPETS'

    best thing however is small ship life, alot better than big ship life. I've served on 4 minesweepers and i cant remember a bad time on any of them, but as a matelot you generally forget about all the bad times

    If you suffer from sea sickness you will have a nightmare time and if you get taken off a minesweeper for sea sickness the only options you will have will either become a Steward or civvy life as big ships cant offer you anything in the way of advancing your chosen trade
  18. Is there no side entry into another branch now??
  19. it depends on how high you score, if you become a CIS its a top tier job and if you want to sideways entry into another specialisation its possible

    but no disrespect intended to MW ratings, its probably bottom run and maybe just above a steward, so if you get selected for that position and cant do it, there is nothing else they can offer you.

    obviously the navy has changed since i joined, but i watched alot of decent guys who were MW, go to big ships because of sea sickness only for them to steer the ship and become cleaners, (basically SES - short engagement seamen) lose job satisfaction and leave the service
  20. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    All personnel, when they sign on, sign an understanding that they must not join in the expectation of being able to transfer to another branch.

    The Recruiting Test required score for Communications Information Specialist is currently the same as Warfare Specialist (Mine Warfare), so I doubt anyone feels particularly disrespected. :thumright:

    Amused, maybe.

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