Have female MOs been on subs??

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Carcass, Mar 31, 2010.

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  1. Had a doctor I work with claim that she has two female friends who served in the RN on submarines as Medical Officers. I was sceptical but took it at face value as I don't know her too well and didn't want to start an argument.

    Can anyone shed some light on this? Has anyone heard of such a thing?
  2. In short, no!
    Females have been to sea briefly on several occasions, ie, no more than overnight, although I haveen't heard of any M.O's doing this.
  3. They may have been down to do the odd medical/enviramental inspection or maybe attend a Cock and Ar5e Party
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Or even gone down on someone who serves in a Submarine
  5. We had a wren writer down over a CO's index period... poor thing left destraught after the 3 days!!
  6. Well, she did sleep in the Sickbay, only medical link I could think of!
  7. Whilst they may have worked in Faslane, there has never been a female MO appointed to a submarine (AFAIK).
  8. There was one in Falane in the late 60s who the Sundodging Fraternity quickly christened Rosa Klebb !!
  9. :?

    No such thing , they had an office full of equipment that doubled as a dark room Stainless steel work tops and a tight squeeze to get 5 people standing in there. The "Operating Theater" is the Bun Run or JRs mess depending on class.
  10. Have been on a boat that took a female URNU student on index for five days!
  11. FIVE Days!! 8O Wow - Thats more than enough for everyone aboard to get a little bit.....

    ....confused about such a Rider? :wink:

    (Or didn't you tell anyone else) :twisted:
  12. Warspite requested that she be allowed onboard for a jolly to Cardif, MOD refused permission for her to sleep on board.

    Despite her knickname, socially she was quite pleasant.
  13. She could certainly talk the talk!!
  14. Clearly you've neve been in the lab on a V-boat.

  15. The last time I saw a V boat it was a pile of rings with Triumphs rings inside and Unseens rings inside them.
  16. V boats have a lab AND a sickbay remember, bags of room, all they need now is to stop using my phone...!

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