Have eczema

Ok guy. I am verge of joining the Royal Navy as a writer.I am from the Caribbean and black so my body is accustomed to the hot climate. The problem is that I sometimes have eczema on my underarm. Do you think I should just don't tell them and get in or don't sign up because of the chickenpox vaccine? P. S I am from the Caribbean so this will be a big opportunity for me any help will be gladly appreciated. Thanks


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The issue is that you intend joining a service in which moral integrity is not only expected, but demanded. Any eczema visible at the time of the medical examination will preclude entry for three years or indeed any prior history of prescription medication for the condition.


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I'm only qualified to careers advice unfortunately.

Definitive Medical advice with regard suitability for service can only be given by a qualified service medical examiner.

I'd be surprised if a standard vaccination would, in itself be a bar to entry, but I guess the issue is the potential side-effects which could impinge.

Hopefully @nemesis1066 or @angrydoc (if he's about) can offer a better insight.

Best of luck.
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