Have a dump the Blow it Out board Heads USN

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Nutty, Nov 28, 2007.

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  1. Just found this, instructions on how to use the old fashioned one dump and blow it outboard yourself from the USN. I thought ours were difficult on T's and before. This would be part of your part 3 of course.


    "Shut the bowl flapper valve, flood the bowl with sea water through the sea and stop valves, and then shut both valves. After using the toilet, operate the flapper valve to empty the contents of the bowl into the expulsion chamber, then shut the flapper valve. Charge the volume tank until the pressure is 10 pounds higher than the sea pressure. Open the gate and plug valves on the discharge line and operate the rocker valve to discharge the contents of the expulsion chamber overboard.

    Shut the discharge line valves and leave the bowl flapper valve seated. For pump expulsion, proceed as previously stated except that the contents of the waste receiver are to be pumped out after the gate and plug valves on the discharge line have been opened. If, upon first inspection, the expulsion chamber is found flooded, discharge the contents overboard before using the toilet. Improper operation of toilet valves should be corrected and leaky valves overhauled at the first opportunity"


  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    And I thought Nutty was serving when submainers just took opium pills and kept it to themselves.
  3. I was at sea for almost 2 weeks before I dared have a shite.Iheld on until sometime in the middle of the wee small hours before venturing forth.There I was troosers round ankles arse pointed when Iwas disturbed by a greenie exiting from the for'd aux. machinery space.EMBARRASED I ALMOST DIED. never thought I would survive and live it down.Funny thing how we all did though.


    not such an unpleasant experience.....the greenie between the knees I mean
  4. During a cock'n arse for the USN at Roosevelt Roads PR, the Outside LME requested permission to blow Slop Drain and Sewage. "Make sure you pipe it". So Charlie P makes the appropriate pipe TWICE, then goes off to do his line up and carry out the drill.
    Meanwhile, Mrs Elmer decides she wants a leak, so asks young Subby "where's the John?" an expression he hasn't come across before. "You know, the ladies room..." "Ah yes" says our young hero, shows her where it is, explains how it works (totally forgetting the previous pipe) and returns to the social scene.
    Suddenly there is a rather loud WOOMAPATAH, followed by an amazing outburst of screaming that would grace a Hammer Horror Film. Out from the WR heads staggers an apparition in what had been a full length white evening dress (now dotted by freckles of various shades of piss, crap and other Naval garbage), almost blinded by bits of toilet paper behind her gold rimmed specs.
    Jack being Jack, the control room WK promptly invites the duty watch for a look at the entertainment suddenly provided, which did not go down too well with the WR at all.
    When the furore had died down, Mrs Elmer left the boat in a pair of the SEOs white ovies (still in hysterics). Charlie P was trooped for not ensuring that adequate warning was given, but got away with it - the whole duty watch testified that THEY'D heard the pipe. Subby got 30 days stoppage of leave - as we were day running at the time out of the Virgin Islands, it was a considerable bind leave wise.
    I'll never forget the look on the Trot sentry's face when Elmer tried to pass the dress up top, and he walked away to read the draught marks with a great big smile on his face..............
    When I took the other half to sea for Families Day, she kept a closer ear to all the pipes than I did....
  5. Magic! I laughed so much the others in the office thought I was having a fit. :w00t: :w00t:
  6. And I thought that tropical diarrhea bug I had was bad.

    That is by far the most complicated shit I've ever heard of.
  7. Has anyone else in here experienced blowing the "Folly", back aft urinal on Dreadnought. That required ones face to be virtually in the urinal to reach the valves.
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  8. Avoided Dreadnought but carried out the evolution on Conqueror. Very similar and quite interesting, with nowhere to go, if you got it wrong - on the plus side you were only going to get covered in piss :thumright:
  9. Re-wind, Re-Run, Repeat.

    Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2007 2:35 pm Post subject: Poetry in Motions.

    An Ode to Slop Drain and Sewage

    T'was on a Sunday afternoon alongside at Trot Three,
    A Part III knob was given the job of blowing poo and pee,
    His Sea Dad said, "Just use yer 'ead and line it up correctly",
    "I'm halfway through me thirteenth pint, will be along directly"

    But on this Sunday afternoon, with far too much ale sunk
    His Sea Dad lost the bubble, and crashed out on his bunk.
    This left the trainee on his own, but he wasn't one to mank,
    So he lined it up as best he could and put a blow upon the tank.

    The LP air rushed through pipes - he gave the valve more wellie,
    Just when he thought the job was done-his world turned Brown and Smelly.
    He'd forgot a bathroom scupper - and as he looked at it -
    A gurgling noise was followed - by a massive jet of shit.

    It sprayed around the bathroom and covered all in sight,
    It was hangin' from the deckheads like stalactites of shite.
    It was in the sinks and down the walls it was sloppin round the deck
    A ricochet had hit him and was slidin' down his neck.

    The Part III trainee deeps was now at a loss for words
    The JR's Heads and Bathroom now just wall to wall in turds.
    The boat was fu**ing stinkin' - and I think its safe to bet,
    Our Part III F***ing nob-head will not get his dolphins yet!

  10. The whole subject of having a dump on board a boat prompts the question , why make life difficult when with a bit more effort you can make it impossible? Or were the heads designed by committee (of sadists)?
  11. Alongside in Dolphin de-r stored and riding high the Chief Stoker decides to blow the shit tank.

    Unforunately we were tied up alongside a newly painted O boat who's name escapes me.(Possibly Oberon)

    Sadly the whole boat and trot sentry were covered in poo etc.

    Not a pretty sight but funny to see all the same.
  12. Just how many psi are used to blow the tanks? To cover a whole boat must take a lot of pressure (and sh1t)! Must have been fun to watch, from a safe distance upwind.
  13. Trawled up from the W.W.W.


    + an extract from another Site about US SSN's operating during the Cold War:

    Although the "head," or toilet, in a submarine looks like its terrestrial counterpart, there are major differences.
    Waste on a submarine is transferred into a holding tank below the commode via a hand-operated ball valve.
    To remove it, the tank is pressurized up to 700 psi (49.2 kg/sq. cm) and the waste is then blown outside the
    pressure hull.

    **(700 psi ?? - UK Boats didn't put blows on of that magnitude
    did they? I can't remember - been too long since I did my Part III BSQ!)**
  14. Here is the sign fitted on the Themop on how to work the heads.

    Lifted out of Paul J Kemp's The T Class Submarine


    Training?. There is the sign, there are the heads if you want to go get on with it.

  15. It’s been 17 years since I was last on an O boat (FM, where’s the time gone), but I’m pretty sure the slop, drain, and sewage was blown by LP air. Venting the tank off without the diesels running wasn’t very nice. The fwd S,D & S tank (on a super O) contained all the galley waste and almost smelled as bad as the Main S,D & S tank.

  16. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Work-up last year. Early evening PD runs, red lighting in the control room. The fwd staff are carrying out DOMS and suddently theres a awful smell in the CR followed by wet feet. For some reason (non return valve fails, i can't remember) the sewage tank is pressuried and proceeds to spew its contents up the WR traps, which then overflow into the CR along 1 deck and down the ladders to 2 deck. I was on watch aft and by all accounts it was 3 inches thick on the deck and seeping through the deckhead into the JR's mess. Who says life in a blue one is all sh*te.
  17. One LS onboard who shall remain namelees was in a bit of a hurry to offload his bowels.
    He hadnt being for a few days so it was all the more important.
    We were at watch snorting and things were fairly quiet when we heard this loud groan of what only can be absolute pleasure followed by a scream of 'Bastard' loud and long.
    The LS clambered into the control room looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
    In his haste to off load he had let his ovies drap over the pan thus dumping everything into them.
    He didnt find this out until he struggled back into them,
    We kept a wide berth from him and the showers had to be turned back on to allow him to take one.
    He didnt half hum!!
  18. All this talk of horrible shitty experiences (pun intended) is somehow not putting me off a career in submarines.
    I guess I reckon I could put up with a lot of shit (ok enough...).

    I'm also guessing the bog experience is somewhat less volatile in V, T and S boats?
  19. Whilst we're on the subject of S**t...It's a Shit Job - but
    someone's got to do it.


    (Spoken in bad English)

    "Hello....thees eez SHEET....how can be helpings you today??"

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