Havant to change names...Suggestions

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by trelawney126, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. wal

    wal Badgeman

    I don't care as long as they don't change the name of leigh Park.

    what would the ladies do then?

    Even the police would not give me a lift back to Pompey when I woke up there after a night of passion with a local lass!!

  2. Leigh Park should after all this time be renamed Matelots Manor in honour of the sailors who have supported the residents for eons.:blob4:
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  3. Always thought it was called....Havant alight for Hayling Island :|
  4. Change it to "Have" only logic innit.
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  5. ................
  6. They could always make it sound posh, "one has not" or "one declines" should do for starters.
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  7. They could do what the residents of Hove do..................put 'actually' on the end.
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  8. I thought the residents of Hove put "to" on the end?
  9. No, thats jannerspeak for 'where are you?'..................'where be to ?'
  10. Not posh yottie speak for stopped then, or even hove to.
  11. You know the day job you have Wrecks? Keep it for now :p
  12. That's a job :shock:
  13. Havant a clue !
  14. I will of course deny this should you try to procure any favour with my war office.
    And if any of the locals bear any resemblance to me it's just one of those coincidences nature throws out at intervals.
    Especially at number 24 .......road.
  15. Give Havant a nice posh double-barelled name.

    Call the place Duckrun and stick the word "Upper"
    in front of it.
  16. I worked in Havant for a while, never got over my first Thursday afternoon when the place was closed.

    Thank goodness the good folk of Wank in Bavaria have no such silly ideas.
  17. I had to work in Havant once a month. The best thing they could do with the place is call it TARGET!

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