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Where I work in the school, we have many unusual things happen, in the top floor studio I have seen a fireman, (Building was bombed the the 2nd world war) fire killed. Lots of staff have heard him walking about, I am the only one who has seen him. Went up there with night vison camera cought a big flash of light on camera, unable to see with out camera and orbs dancing about. The imf meter went wild.


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One I found on Arrse

When I was a newly posted subby to a certain Regt in Germany, I was in a mixed Mess with 7 other subbys, some of whom I had known for a while. My room was next door to an old LE Major, who was something of a father figure to me.

At the end of my first week, I had a few bevvies in the Kellar bar with the others, but exhausted, retired to bed around midnight.

As I was falling asleep, someone opened my door, walked over to my bed and stood there. Keeping my eyes half closed and hoping he would go away, I thought it was one of my mates wanting me to go back to the party. I remember thinking, "why is N*** in a blue uniform?"

The next morning (with everyone clutching their heads and hangovers) I casually asked which joker had tried to get me back to the party. All denied it, and on impulse I asked if the Mess was haunted. One of them said yes, by a young German Panzer subaltern.

Each night, just before I fell asleep, the door opened and a tall, well built young man in a blue uniform walked up to my bed, stood there beathing quietly, and then left. I was a strong, fit and very warry YO but it got to the point where I couldn't fall asleep until this person had paid his visit. I eventually confided in my neighbour, who cheerfully told me that his old friend the NAAFI manager who'd had the rooms before him and had died of a heart attack in bed, often paid him a visit. He also knew of my visitor - he said "he just wants to know who you are - he will go soon". After a couple of weeks the visits stopped.

A few months later I happened to be the first down in the Kellar bar and found the elderly Scottish lady who manned the bar sat in the Skittle Alley. When I asked her why, she said that she had run the bar for years, but had grown so frightened by the footsteps that walked in front of her bar, and the red lights that danced across the room, that she would wait in the Alley until one of us came down.

The Transit Accommodation in the same Regt was also supposed to be haunted and the soldiers hated having to use it.


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I was once a gash hand in Dolphin, waiting to move to SM10 and was made Skipper of the greenies heads. Every morning a big Guinness sinking LOEM used to run in, trousers at the short trail and dive into Trap 1.

The thought of cleaning Trap 1 haunts me to this day!!

I'm didn't used to be overly convinced about all this stuff, but after a few 'experiences' I've had along the way in life, I'm a lot more open minded than I used to be.

Both dits I have about the Service are second hand though I'm afraid. One is from when I was on Spartan, and a cetain Killick WEM claimed to have seen a ghost of some sort walk into the JR's mess when the boat was docked in AFD 60. He had a bit of a drink problem (understatement) but as he was soberish at the time, and his oppo also seen the same, it gets a lot harder to discount.

The other goes back to trade training, when a lad was alone one night in one of the blocks at Sultan. He was on the second floor, doing his laundry, when suddenly his boom box stopped and the room got damned cold. At that point, he turned around, and saw a ghostly figure, very clearly definable, with an old type Nos 1's suit on and a black coloured hat. The figure basically just smiled at him then vanished. Said lad was well shit up for a long time. I give it credance as he was a fairly switched on kiddy, and not given to telling tales or attention seeking in any way. Also, when you talked to him about it, he just seemed to give off the vibe of being straight up, and that counted for a lot with me.

One more thing about the block that happened in (I think it was Rodney block maybe? I was in Hood) was that one mess on the bottom floor was always left locked up and full of old beds and junk, no matter how busy Sultan was, they never, ever seemed to use it. Apparently, people kept feeling unsettled when they stayed in it etc. One night, we were in the block in the mess opposite having a few illicit wets, and at about 3 in the morning, you'd swear you could hear beds shaking/getting scraped along the floor. Maybe imagination, who knows? I dont.

Also, talking of Spartan, there was a cetain Jock Steward who had some real issues with his house in Dumbarton, to the point of actually having to get the Church into have a look around, but I'll leave that dit for him in case he pops up on here. Basically though, he had furniture moving, noises, and even chairs backing up against the doors so when he and the wife would go out, they couldn't get back in again!

I had a few experiences in later life when I bought my first home, but not exactly 'Jack' related, so I'll leave those out. They did make me more ready to accept that there may be some things we cant comprehend.
The_Caretaker said:
Do you have any stories on Hauntings at the bases you have stayed or at home.
I think the wardroom of HMS DAEDALUS had a particularly active ghost in the early 90s.

When I was there, I went out one Friday night (Bun Penny, Belle Vue, Nelson's, Emmas etc), and when I woke up the next morning, he'd p1ssed on the floor, thrown up in the sink, chucked my stuff everywhere and the whole place smelled of chilli sauce.



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Haslar has loads.On the Kids ward was a side room,if a teddy bear wasnt placed on the empty bed aChild crying was to be heard untill the Teddy was placed back on the bed,I have heard this on Night duty!On G Block there was supposed to be a Grey Nursing Sister that could be seen but only half of her visible as the floor level had been changed,G block was at one point Nurses Accom.On E block there is a lift,an old fashioned one that will only work if all the gates are closed.At night it was always sent to the ground floor and the gates opened in case we had an Emergency Admission.Come the morning the Lift would be at the top floor,despite the gates being open still!During the Peninsular War General Moores army was struck with Cholera and several hundered of them foundd themselfs in HAslar.Most of them died and they were buried in the Quadrangle as it was the only space left,when the Crosslink was developed in the 80's loads of Skeletons were unearthed and reports of noises,visions and other supernatural things abounded,these continued untill a couple of Sky pilots did their stuff over the unearthed graves,all returned to normal.There was also a tale of a Supernatural Nursing officer signing a Controlled Drugs book with an LMA whilste in Night Duty.Said LMA was supposed to have been up before the Joss for Misuse of Controlled Drugs and forging the superior Officers signature.It was later found that said Nursing officer had died many years ago and the signature was 100% genuine.I have no corroboration of the last it may just be an Urban Myth.Maybe Greybags or some of the other Ex MA's can confirm or deny?
Dog, yeah mate, I think the big hairy bugger was following me from draft to draft, he never backed off untill I got married. He nearly had me putting my hooks on with velcro at one point. She scared him off though, good girl!

And cheers Andy, I was talking to my old man tonight, and he reads these pages even though he isn't registered. He remembers from his time in Dolphin 40 odd years ago it had a few dodgy places, and mentioned that Haslar was reputed to be really haunted as well. Makes you wonder.

Any more for any more?

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Not many at all, regarding ships/bases but tonnes of stories. If some of you don't know already, I used to attend paranormal investigations when I was in the UK. Have tonnes of stuff................who wants to hear???


When I was on the Stubbington in 84 rumour had it that she was haunted by the ghost of a woman called Rita. Allegedly Rita had jumped off the Forth bridge and the Stubby had picked up her body. I was a bit sceptical about these rumours until one middle watch when I was peeling spuds in the galley.
About 2am I heard the sound of high heel shoes walking across the deck above. I then heard the sound of the wardroom flat screen door open and close. Armed with my spud peeling knife I cautiously poked my head out of the galley. There was nobody there but it made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck and I always dreaded the middle after that.


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Ayton_Muppet said:
When I was on the Stubbington in 84 rumour had it that she was haunted by the ghost of a woman called Rita. Allegedly Rita had jumped off the Forth bridge and the Stubby had picked up her body. I was a bit sceptical about these rumours until one middle watch when I was peeling spuds in the galley.
About 2am I heard the sound of high heel shoes walking across the deck above. I then heard the sound of the wardroom flat screen door open and close. Armed with my spud peeling knife I cautiously poked my head out of the galley. There was nobody there but it made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck and I always dreaded the middle after that.
I staged the "haunting" on the Stubbington in order to carry out the great 84 spud scam. Unfortunately, I was thwarted by a group of yank teenagers with a cowardly Great Dane. I would have got away scott free if it wasn't for those pesky kids!

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The scene, The Sun Inn in Hitchen:

I was standing in the corner of the ballroom up stairs, every one else was in the bar. I couldn't stay in the bar as it was making me feel very sick. So I decided to walk around the ballroom in the dark. Every thing is in the dark on investigations. I was in the top right hand corner quiet as a mouse and the next thing I knew on my left shoulder I was pushed. Now if I wasn't the only one in that room I would of laughed. The push was that hard that I fell into the corner, as quick as I fell I ran out! Who would blame me right?

Next Scene, Inverarary Jail, Inveraray:

Getting ready for a long night ahead, me and a lad went to the jail early to set up our gear. There are 2 jails, the old and the new parts. The place was spooky in the dark as it was with the decorations. I put my note pad on the side and walked away, heard a thump and turned, the pad was on the floor so I picked it up and put it back, not near the edge and it fell off again. This time not just fell off, it was on the other side of the room

Once the investigation started we were all go. Tensions were high and every one was excited to what we would find! At 1am we planted 3 EVPs in the guard room ( 2 digi and 1 tape). We left them for about 1 hour and went about our business. Keep in mind that the only Scotsman with us was actually with us, 2 floors down and at the other end of the building. Every one was accounted for with us. We went back to get the EVPs and listend to them in the staff room. I picked the digi EVP and listened, only to throw it on the table when I heard not 1 but 3 different male scottish voices. Talking like a normal day but every now and then VERY evil laughs! Later on we were in another cell and hear FCUK OFF! From a corner of the room, we went 2 cells down to where we located the voice and picked up the other EVP that was in there. What ever he was didn't like us being there, he was Fong and blinding like a trooper! Near the end of the investigation EVERYONE, even the non-spiritual heard the same voice screaming at us.
Good effort Jenny. Any more?

Interesting to hear peoples experiences. Like I said, I never believed in it, untill I had some things happen that couldn't be easily explained away.

Can't believe there aren't more Jack ones out there though!
The boy doubling in his white duck suit to the Swimming Baths at dusk (in 2002)... Looks real - not translucent, not lumenous, but SOLID! Sound of boots can be heard on deck as he runs from his Mess to the Swimming Bath.

Don't visit the G-Spot and stay until the evening!

The mysterious person in question turned out (probably?) to be a chap called Gordon Earnest Lindsey who drowned in the baths there in 1948. As an athiest I find the whole thing VERY disconcerting! So do I, with a scientific explanation for everything, believe in ghosts? YOU BET I DO!!!! :oops: :oops: :lol:

PS: I would greatly appreciate a rational, scientific explanation for this - there MUST be one! PLEASE tell me there IS one - or am I more deranged than I thought? :lol: :lol:

PPS: I forgot to add that he doubled straight through the DOOR which was locked! I originally thought it was a real person. I am told he's been spotted several times.


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I was drafted to the 'Victory' in the late 60's (yes, Nelsons Victory in Pompey) as a guide.What the hell a WEM(R) was doing on there for "trade" purposes I don't know!But i digress....
One fine Summers day I was allocated a guide of about 30 OAP's mostly women, and on the same day we had a BBC film crew on board doing some documentory on the life of Nelson.Some well known actor was all dressed up as the great Nelson and they even used some of our bods as "extras" all dressed in the period gear.Great! The guides continued and the public thought it was great to see the "old sailors" walking around the ship.Now, to the people who have never been on the Victory, the Orlop Deck is the place where Nelson was taken after being mortally wounded at the battle of Trafelgar. This Deck is below the waterline, so no gunports or openings to the "outside"(obviously!) The deck itself is painted red, it's where the surgeon performed the impossible and is very dark! Only one "candle light" every 20 foot or so.It is also very low and you are forever telling the public to mind their heads
So, this is where they brought Nelson.and nowadays is a "shrine".The actual knee of the ship is painted white with a wreath and spotlighted.Next to this spot is a BIG painting, standing on an easel,depicting the Death of Nelson.The area is ropped off and this is where the guide stands, next to this painting,cap off and thirty pair of eyes looking at you!!
Scene set! There i was sprouting my spleel to the OAPs who i could just make out in front of me in the dimmly lit area when the actor dressed as Nelson, in full make up!, walked out from behind the BIG painting!!!!
"Hello" he said! Three OAP's fainted there and then, one ran off and was found in the most forward compartment of the ship, whimpering, another bolted and was found crying on the coach that had brought these ladies, and I, big brave Matelot, ran...straight into the nearest beam that i was forever telling to "mind you head". I came to with my head in the lap of one of the braver ladies, nursing the biggest "egg" on me forhead you ever did see!!!! "Nelson" was still there trying to calm the situation down but with his white make up was not doing a good job! Needless to say, guide was stopped and the CO going mad at the BBC buffs.Had a good laugh about it afterwards of course, but i think if i'd have been "older" myself, it could have been fatal!!!

PS. Visited the Victory last year when i was in Pompey, first time i've been on her since that draft,and had a fantastic guide round although it's Civil Servents that take you around now.At the spot where Nelson died they still have that big painting and the routine is the same.I did have chuckle to myself and mystified the guide as to why i was laughing at the spot where Nelson died!!!! :oops: :oops:

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Wheel-spanner said:
Good effort Jenny. Any more?

Interesting to hear peoples experiences. Like I said, I never believed in it, untill I had some things happen that couldn't be easily explained away.

Can't believe there aren't more Jack ones out there though!
Loads more, just need a bit of time to write them, so watch this space!
Alright, I'll throw a few into the mix of some that happened to me through the years. I'll post the civvy ones for now, as I have reasons for not going into the Jack ones - if anyone must know why, I'll tell them on a PM. Not on an open forum.

First weird one I can’t really explain away was when I was a kid, 8 years old, and we moved to a house that was really badly fire damaged inside. No worries, Uncle is a Plasterer, so nothing some bish bosh can’t get right. Only thing is how the fire damage got there. I never found this out until I was older (about 10) but the reason the house was so bad inside was the previous owner. Basically, after her dad had died, she, as an only child, had gone a bit mad. The sort of mad where you decide one day that you don’t want to live any more, so you pour a bucket of 4 star petrol over your head in the bathroom, sit on the toilet pan and set yourself on fire. Christ knows where your mind is when that becomes a sensible option, but she has my sympathies.

This is why there was a smoke trail on the ceilings all the way down to the front door, where she went outside in a bit of a state (as you can imagine) and the poor old boy next door is the one who got to her as she lay dieing on the front grass. Shitty death indeed.

Anyway, neither I nor my sister knew about any of this when we moved in, but straight away, that house gave me the shits. I don’t know why, maybe it was the mad decoration, or I had been watching too many movies, but I swear, I hated being in that house myself if my parents were in the garden etc. Total feeling of unease. I also remember things would go missing, and then turn up in the daftest of places. Not just me this happened to, but mum and dad as well. Also, you could smell cigarette smoke in a certain room at a certain time of the day, despite the fact that my parents were out, and neither I nor my sister smoked, and so where was that coming from then? You could also smell really dodgy perfume around the place a lot, and it wasn’t down to my sis or mum (or dad!) so that was a bit uneasy. We also had a dog that used to go nuts and bark like mad at thin air. That got to be a really common thing. Also, you would all be sitting in the living room, and you would hear footsteps upstairs walking around, or next door in the bottom bedroom. Once my old boy (ex matelot, and ex big time field gunner) leapt off his seat because he saw someone walk past the glass door to the living room in the hallway, and thinking we were getting robbed (it was a dog rough council area), went to unscrew there heads. Guess what – not a soul to be seen, and all doors still locked and untampered with. He even went into the loft to check, he was THAT sure he saw someone.

The clincher came when I was about 14. Mum and Dad were away for the weekend, and I had a mate staying over. Another big lad, scared of feck all, and not the fanciful type (neither of us were exactly much in common with the ‘yoof’ you see mincing around today). Anyways, at about 1am, he wakes me up, and tells me he is going to sleep outside in our caravan. No explanation, just tells me. Fair enough, off you go then daft cnut. Next morning, when I ask him WTF that was all about, he wouldn’t tell me. For the next few years we went around together, he wouldn’t come into the house. Used to wait outside for me in the pissing rain with his good going out gear on, rather than come in while I got ready. It was years later, when both hammered, he let slip what he saw (or thinks he saw). Reckoned he seen a figure, ‘all lit up, like it was on fire’, walking down my hallway from the bathroom. Nothing more to add, that was all he said.

My Mum and Dad still live in that house, and have had a lot of strange things happen. Even my old boy, who would completely deny believing in ‘any of that shite’ as he puts it, had to admit he can’t explain any of it.

I’ve had other stuff as well in the first house I bought, I’ll post some of that if I’m not boring the arse of anyone.
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