Hatton vs Mayweather


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Aiight guys, just wondering if anybodys into boxing!?
If so, what do you think of the Hatton/Mayweather fight coming up!?
I want Hatton to win, but Mayweather is the shiznit....


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Big fan of Hatton so I hope he gives the septic a right kicking. As per normal boxing routine Mayweather has been gobbing off and sounding like a normal bigshot yank whilst Hatton has been going around like the quiet determined guy he is.

I found Mayweather quite galling at the press conference and can't wait to see him sat on his a%$e with a bloody nose.


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Hatton of course, I've met him a few times at supporters club meetings a gent. A true credit to the sport of boxing and he's not a Septic Tank, so I've gotta root for him.


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Tough one to call, Mayweather has it all to lose, Hatton has the heart but we'll see if he has the punches. They're both unbeaten so something has to give. Im hoping for another thumping like Calzaghe gave Lacy, or Lloyd Honeyghans upset win over the "best pound for pound" fighter of his day, Don Curry, but it is a huge ask.


way i see it boxing is the winner too many champions bob weave and duck the big fights for easy paydays lets hope the fights a ko for the red white and blue


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I'm a huge fan of boxing and MMA. All logic and reason points to a Mayweather shutout, but I'd love for Hatton to catch him.

Have you seen Hatton's interviews recently? He's like Scrappy Doo, "Lemme attim, Lemme attim..."


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So, is everyone getting hyped about this bout, watched an interesting program last night on the bio's of both fighters and the war of the words between the two.

Myself, I hope Hatton makes Mayweather eat them...

I'm calling this one a 10 rounder, Mayweather has to stop due to injury...self inflicted or as a result of Hatton killing his kidneys... :thumright:


I reckon Ricky will smash the granny right out of that ponce. Fifth round KO!

C’Mon The Hitman!! :wav:



War Hero
been watching it too. I'd love for Hatton to win, because i hate Mayweather with all my heart, but it doesn't look like Hatton will be able to catch him.

Mayweather's gonna dance around, and dance around, and wear Hatton down.


Lantern Swinger
Biggest problem for Ricky is if he gets cut above the eye again, still think he'll give Mayweather a hiding - Scrappy Doo always managed it. I can't wait for the fight though, wish I was in Vegas like last time The atmosphere over there was amazing.
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