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  1. Prehaps we should go for a uniform issues type forum?! Could have done with one when I dyed the sides of my hat pink by putting it between my fire retardant 8's to tie the ribbon

    Anyway on the theme of the boots post top of my PO's hat is gash already, have tried the whitening toothpaste and toothbrush methord but with little success, anyone got any other top tips for hats?
  2. Aye I tried the toothpaste thing, though I certainly don't recommend using n#1s when it's raining after that. I knew someone who did that & they ended up looking like a domino.

    I remember I got boot polish on my hat once, tried everything to get it off, best thing to do was to take it back to stores & tell them I was due a new one. :lol:
  3. Someone said to me white boot polish ( stuff you get in the bottles with a dabber) didn't want to try it till I found out weather I was going to end up with it running if it rained
  4. Cotton cap cover ;)

    I know that's not useful to you, but that's how I deal with it.

    However at Dartmouth I found a light solution of bleach helped, not too strong though.
  5. You should have been in when we had white canvas hats, blancoed, great fun in the rain.
  6. The placcie top hats are truly rubbish and should be considered as a consumable. As Vesper said, a visit to Stores looks the favourite option. Courtesy of GREY ROVER, I got rust and mucky oil on mine and it wiped of with white spirit. If dye has migrated into the PVC, it's not so easy. Hydrogen peroxide may do the trick but buying that these days without being marked as a terr suspect could be interesting. I would avoid chlorine based bleach as it will make the PVC brittle. I don't know what an ammonia bleach would do other than clear your sinuses.
  7. Just go to slops, they will give you a new cap cover. Dont scrub it, change it 1 for 1.
  8. Baby wipes or if really dirty "Jif" wipes.
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hydrogen peroxide. Great stain remover. Cheaper than whitener. Get it for pennies at Boots. :lol:

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