Haslar is the second cleanest hospital

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by sgtpepperband, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

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  2. Sounds about right for the NHS,they only reward poor performers.
  3. That is very reassuring, I am going to see the Ortho team on Friday to see if they want to take the screws and/or plate out of my leg.

    The only trouble is that it is the back of beyond traffic wise. But from what I have heard I would rather have the extra travel than use QA which is 5 mins down the road from me.
  4. Good Luck, hope it's not as painful as it sounds! x
  5. It should come as no surprise that a Naval hospital is clean. I remember being turned in in Cochrane, and being ordered from my bed to clean up before the NO did her set of ward rounds!
  6. Been in the military ward at Sellyoak a few times and i have to say that it cleaner than any other ward i have ever been in. I think the patients have to do the cleaning which also helps in their rehab.
  7. I've had a number of major stays in Haslar to have assorted bits repaired/replaced/sewn back up… no infections.

    Wife went into QA as a day case and spent 11 weeks in intensive care and a further year recovering from an MRSA infection that nearly killed her.
  8. Only SECOND cleanest??


  9. Not so bad getting in to Gosport but a bugger getting out morning or late afternoon. Console yourself that you'll be able to drive there, park your car free of charge, be watched in and out by a security gate patrolman and be treated in a clean, pleasant environment.

    As to MRSA, an awful lot of people carry this bug around on their skin and in their mouth/nose, so there's no guarantee you won't have a problem, but it is much less likely if you take simple precautions, like being clean yourself and insisting that any staff members who need to touch you have either just washed their hands or used the alcohol gels available.

    Most of the infection problems in hospital are there to stay, but Joe Public has to realise that he's part of the cross-infection problem and so needs to be clean as well!
  10. Are you trying to say strawberries are a bunch of dirty scumbags?
  11. Indeed.

    I was treated for an ortho condition, knee reconstruction, in Haslar a couple of years ago and have nothing but praise for the majority of staff in the place. Unfortunately it doesn't seem well designed for modern medicine.

    What I did find quite offputting was the number of people in waiting rooms etc who didn't meet the personal standards I've come to expect in the service on a day to day basis, never mind in a hospital where exposure in both directions has to be higher. Simple things like hand-washing in the heads and the like.

    A bit of an eye opener and I realised then just how insulated we can be in the service at times.

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  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, good job you weren't going in for a vasectomy... :oops:
  13. Might help, gets things out of the way of the business end of the op.

    As I recall from the flat-tops the surgeons on there did a roaring trade in snips whilst deployed.
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    No need to go to that extreme. ***********, no babies... :twisted:
  15. There was a TV documentary on a few years ago where they took a bowl of peanuts off a bar and tested it. There were 9 different urine samples isolated! So yes I agree that the personal hygine of the great unwashed does leave a lot to be desired but not just in hospitals.

    MRSA or Methacillin Resistant Staph Aureous really means a Staph Aureous bug - which everyone carries in their nose, on their skin etc has become resistent to Penicillin - partly caused by over prescription and partly by the publics desire for instant cures e.g. the expectation of the public is that they go to the GP with a cold etc (which is a virus and isn't susceptable to antibiotics) and the GP gives them anti b's just in case it becomes a chest infection etc - not because they need them. Compounded by the fact that some people take antibiotics until they feel better and not finish the course which only goes to give the bug a resistance to that particular type of antibiotic. The problem is with Staph A is while it is on the skin it's no problem - it's when it gets into a wound it becomes difficult to get rid of and of course while it is present the wound wont heal properly.

    The other bug that is on the increase at the moment is C Diff or Clostridium Difficile .. this is a normal gut bug and passed on by not washing hands! Again - in the gut it's normal except when it increases for what ever reason when the body then tries to get rid of the excess with a dose of the squits! .. The problem with C Diff is when it's attacked by Anti Biotics it produces spores which are immune to normal disinfectants and they can last up to two years in open air or dirt. So when the Anti B's have killed the C Diff it then hatches the spores and away you go again. This means that the body is constantly trying to get rid of the excess C diff by giving you the squits which leads onto dehydration and death!

    So if anyones going into hospital get anyone coming near you to wash their hads properly before touching you!
  16. I am pleased to report sterling service from Haslar this morning. Appointment 0930, arrived 0915 (leaving plenty of time for the notorious Gosport traffic), seen at 0925.

    My only complaint is that my doc did not look like George Clooney!
  18. I got some screws loose.... do you think they could help me too? ;) :lol:
  19. No Thingy there is absolutely no hope for you at all!!
  20. The more stories that come out like this the more weight it gives towards keeping Haslar, perhaps as a NHS run site with a small military rehab section. There is no hope of RHH going back to the old days of a fully-blown military hopsital.

    I really do hope the local PCT actually take their heads out of their arses and do the right thing here.

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