Has the RN the ships to start a war with Iran

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by tomm90, Nov 30, 2011.

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  1. It's not just us, so I suppose so.

    Be nice if we didn't though.
  2. Excuse my expletive but are we ******* mad, there is no way we should become embroiled in conflict with Iran, if action needs to be taken let the Israeli's get on with it as it's their back yard not ours.
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  3. I've got a dingy they can borrow if they need it? :-D
  4. This her t42s? Nice.:-D
  5. The RN has four of them but they're not called ships and they all begin with 'V'.
  6. Hopefully it wont come to the V boats. Israel will probably take care of business, as they did with Iraq at Osarak in the early 80s.
  7. My post was meant to "tongue-in-cheek".

    Obiously the V boats aren't meant to be used for starting a war, as the OP was asking.

    Finishing one, however... :-(
  8. I thought it was three.
  9. That's her, she goes like sh1t off a shiny shovel when you paddle fast enough...... :lol:
  10. Operation Opera - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Up early flight and back for bacon sarnies. Ok the rest is true maybe they didn't have bacon!
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  11. Chill out lads, there are four MCMV's based out there just for this kind of situation.
  12. We sold them a load in the 70's, perhaps we could have them back and use them?
  13. If we go to war with Iran I'm putting my notice in because we'll majorly get our arses handed to us. You can then all chime in on an outrage thread about me being a conchy whilst I rake in the cash from media deals.

    It's a win.
  14. Carefull, havent you been warned about thinking.:-D
  15. Have I missed something? :scratch:

    Which one's been de-commissioned? :confused:
  16. [FONT=&quot]How right you are and anyone who thinks differently needs to be taken away by the men in flapping white coats and detained indefinitely.[/FONT]
  17. We should go back to the days of choosing our enemies more wisely. Like ones armed only with spears.
  18. Aye, 'Play up Play up and Play the Game'.

    The Nile 1884-5
    El-Teb- Tamaai
    Tel el Kebir

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