Has the RN stopped recruiting?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by cracker89, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. Ive seen a post from someone on the HMS Raleigh 2010 Facebook page basically saying that his AFCO has said that the RN have now stopped recruiting and everyone who is waiting for date will now be waiting until April 2011 at the earliest because of no funding??
    Just wondering because i haven't heard anything!

    If anyone wants to look, heres the link for the link for the post,
    HMS Raleigh 2010

  2. its the same lass that posted on here and it wasn't true so your still in the queue and moving along slowly.
  3. i recieved my letter only the other day, so to answer your question,

  4. ahhhhh good :)

    cheers guys!
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    We're still recuiting full throttle, although it's true to say that the majority of trades have a waiting time in excess of 12 months, with the odd exception.

    Many AFCOs are now just testing applicants, so they're on the waiting list with the "clock ticking" but only further processing those joining in trades categorised as shortage trades or when the applicants move closer to a provisional entry date.

    At this stage, it's irrelevant to state specifically what the shortage trades are, because it is not possible to join in a shortage trade & transfer to a preferred trade - in other words it's pointless joining as a mlkman if you want to be an astronaut and that's how very different the jobs can be. Suffice to say the most popular and/or less physically demanding trades have the longest waits.

    The advice is to choose your trade & wait.
  6. well i chose CIS, so long wait for meeeeee :(
  7. how longs the wait mate?
  8. Wait for CIS is 18 months (CIS SM 12)
  9. With an increase in applicants for ratings would the RN or any of the forces raise the pass mark for the rt test or take the pick of the bunch from the interviews just wondering thats all.
  10. I believe that they're introducing a punctuation test.

  11. That'll be a good way of cutting down on the number of successful applicants getting through the AFCO!
  12. NO...............................drop into my office and I'll show you how many lads and lasses are still coming in looking for jobs. We try to help but the waiting times are certainly making it more difficult to satisfy their wishes.


  13. I doing my RT thursday. War Spec Tactical (SM). And even tho theres apparently one hell of a wait, its what iv wanted to do a long time. And my recruiter keeps insisting things can only get better so im happy to relax and focus on passing each stage of the process as i come to it. You will get there cracker mate, just dont worry bout random sheilas on social networking sites.
  14. It'll all be worth it in the end :D
    plus...more time to get fit!
  15. If you're looking for it, it's doubled up with the @ sign, and it's called an apostrophe! :roll: :lol:

  16. Hell naw.

    As anyone who had spoken to their AFCO in the last month would know :roll:.
  17. don't worry, your still able to apply. I don't think that Navy will ever stop, theres always spaces for a certian job.
  18. What job's that?
  19. The one that Tim-Zits-Zoid-Burger was suppposed to have been lined up for?

    Surely his premature departure has left a Gi-Hugious gap in our Nation's thinly-spread Naval defence arrangements 8O

    (or was he just 'natural wastage....)
  20. Don't mistake Tim with Chico. Chico is the one who's been discharged from the RN for failing his kitmusters not Tim. Tim is still in so far

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