Has New Labour transformed Britain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by letthecatoutofthebag, Apr 27, 2007.

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  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    B.lairs legacy is he's a cnut.
  3. Worse.
  4. He's transformed the country into the dumping ground of the world and filled it full of illegal immigrants and terrorists.He's Made Crime pay,cut the armed forces to the bone.Can't be arsed to write any more as it depresses me!!!!
  5. Oh yes! Nu Labour has most definately changed the UK.

    I'm off to Oz as soon as i've finished my 22.
    This party has taken the country I loved and wrecked it. Thank you very much.
  6. Just been having a look at your previous posts. Don't say much, but when you do its utter shite, isn't it.
  7. Yes, I knew the Yanks were mostly monosyllabic but he takes the p1ss..... :eek:
  8. AGGhh you beat me to it Lamri, Walt or troll you choose?
  9. Moron???
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Thats 3 He's got to bite :roll:
  11. Haha!
    Can't make my mind up but judging by the username and posts i'd say a Walt that just wants to cause a bit of trouble, bless her ;)
  12. Maybe it's after a few more 'medals'.
  13. What the ones for marching in a straight line aren't enough..... :p :D
  14. Of course it's changed beyond recognition!! Nothing bloody works anymore without bureaucrats becoming involved.
    Education has been ruined and wrecked beyond all hope of decency - when they came in a teacher could still tell you off and you could actually do things without risk assessment, ad nauseum. As everyone knows the armed forces have been reduced to naff all else and decent things like the Field Gun have gone due to "budgetary pressures" brought on by money-grabbing MPs. :twisted:
    Police politicised and everyone well and truly messed up...
    "Government", surely a synonym for "Neu Labour hyprocrisy" nowadays?

    My two pennies worth there.
  15. Back on thread, sort of, The Nu Zild Labour Party is right up there with Tones boys and girls.
    Helen Clark, our beloved PM (fner fner) was an anti Vietnam War protestor but is now a regular, looking all sad and respectful, at Gallipoli for ANZAC Day (nice free little trip to Turkey every year, kerching).
    Although married she and her husband live apart ( He's a respected academic in Auckland, while Helen is ensconced in Wellington, also known as Helengrad) and rumours abound that she likes to drink from the hairy cup(if you get my drift and I'm sure that you do).
    Other scandals seem to bounce off Helen for example;
    Her motorcade, cop drivers, was clocked doing 140KPH (speed limit 100KPH) as Helen had to get to an All Blacks game (good photo ops, same as Anzac day) and was running a bit late. After an investigation by top cops the drivers are hauled into court, all denying they had received orders or been pressured to speed (Yeah Right) Helen didn't notice as she was in the back of the limo "working".
    Helen was asked to provide a work of art for a charity auction, she went and bought an unsigned oil painting ( abstract) and then signed it, when caught out it was "oh I was busy , but I didn't want to turn them down and oh I didn't think it was hurting the artist.' No Helen as an ex academic you wouldn't understand the significance of plagiarism would you?
    Ministers caught behaving inappropriately are shielded from the press unless the evidence is overwhelming, of course and then they are dropped like the proverbial.
    Still the other lot National (Tories) are just as bad caught last election being given support by the religious sect the Exclusive Brethren ( very secretive fundamentalist Christians, basically), the party leader denied any connection then somebody leaked his emails to the leaders of the sect, red faces all round.
    It's the same the whole world over, venal barstewrds with their noses in the trough.
    Don't get me started on Local Government :twisted: !!
  16. Well they tried..... but there`s so many new rules and regulations with no one to implement them that most are just being ignored……even basic rules like hard hats are not being fully inforsed on site with most using the hard baseball type hats ….and the really silly ones like training to use a ladder, drive a flying carpet or erect a tower are being totally ignored …….it had to happen.
  17. Blair's legacy: 10 years that ruined Britain
    by MAX HASTINGS - 28th April 2007

    Here he is. Lights, sound, camera, applause - let's hear it for our ten-year Prime Minister: Mister... Tony. . . Blair!

    And so, next Wednesday, Tony will offer himself for our congratulations, a modest little joke on his lips, a modest little smile on his face.

    He will have made it, matched the achievement of a tiny handful of national leaders - a decade in Downing Street. Sweating a little through the make-up, he will tell us how proud he is, how much he owes to Cherie, how much he owes to the British people.

    He will say how good it feels to know that he will soon be handing over to the right man (No, forget that bit!). He will talk about how much his Government has achieved over the past ten years.

    He will knit his brow to show how sincerely he means this. And up and down the land, the British people will respond with a monumental raspberry.

    Tony Blair, who was swept into office in 1997 amid higher hopes and greater goodwill than any incoming British Prime Minister in modern times, will leave it a few weeks hence with his reputation in ruins.

    An opinion poll earlier this month showed that only 11 per cent of voters still like him; 51per cent think that "he manages to convince himself that whatever he has decided to do must be morally right".

    Some 57 per cent say he has stayed in Downing Street too long, and only five per cent agree that he is "in touch with ordinary people".

    Just 27 per cent think Britain is a more successful society than it was in 1997, and 61 per cent believe that it is a much less pleasant one.

    How could it have come to this? How could a man who started with so much end his term utterly threadbare?


  18. Well I have never voted for Labour.
    Labour has done the square root of f#ck all for me whilst they have been in power. I am worse off financially. Thay have let the country go to rack and ruin with PC policies. They have taxed and taxed and given nothing in return.
    Bunch of left wing tree hugging ****#rs.
    Will be voting Conservative - at least they told you when they were going to f#ck you.
  19. concur 100%

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