Has JD quit?


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"The unusual job comes with an equally outside-the-box application process."

You'd think the opposite would more appropriate, would't you? ;)


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Hang on a no doesn't @Blackrat live in the London area, is he after new material via free footage from applicants, for his dungeon shows? :rolleyes:
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If you wish to apply, you have to send in a sample sex toy review, along with a CV and/or a video application.
Video? What the hell do you put in the video?

Would it not just be quicker to give them your LiveJasmin call-sign?


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Sample CV response after I tested the "Makita Bum Buster" r.r.p. £99.99 from all good d.i.y. stores.

It's effective in getting you moist, but only hardened enthusiasts should set the sex toy to "hammer mode".

Perhaps Jenny Dabbler got sick & tried (tired/tyred/trans-pired ??) of reviewing awesome freebie gizzits such as these:



Poor lass. She was never the same after her heroic Bro. went off the rails...

IIRC I was the runner-up in that other Ex-Jennie (who's OH was-in-the-RAF-so-she-joined-the-RFA... Dickslexit or what??) Onsie contest - With just one vote... by me & for me.


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I think my view on Pride (stand fast Scottish bread!) has been covered!

I do however like alphabetti spaghetti, especially on toasted Pride.

Now I'm confusing myself - is it Friday yet?