Has Hig been kidnapped?

Has Higthepig been kidnapped by the newbies?

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As I haven't heard a peep out of our resident Bane of Nooby I was wondering if the noobs, bless their white cotton socks, had kidnapped him?

I have visions of poor Higgy tied up in somewhere, gagged, in a dark and lonely spot in the Noobs Forum, being tormented with bone questions and the latest nooby gadget: an all singing and dancing steam iron that does everything except the actual ironing.

How much do the noobs demand for his release?

Can the money be raised in time?

Should we spend it on beer and corned dog sarnies instead?


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WBD: Many do, but they always (well, more often than not) return here, in a fanfare of attention-seeking and sycophantic glory... :roll: :oops:
Poor Hig, gagged and silenced. I received a "ransom" note today which reads as follows:

Noobs Spoksman said:
If u wont htp 2 b relesed u musst surply awl Ralleys nozzers wiv a cooled 5 liter drum of alcopops every week for ever ore well cut his tung out.
Reply soon ore else.
As it's written in unintelligible prose, it looks like poor Higgy will forever be a plaything of the Newbies! 8O :twisted: :lol:
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