Has everyone got a disability or learning difficulty?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Montigny_La_Palisse, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. Seriously, am I the only one who deosn't have ADD / Dyslexia / Aspergers etc? 1 in 3 newbies posting on here have some form of SPLD or other affliction that is wheeled out at the first chance.

    Perhaps Chernobyl had a wider reaching effect and the kids joining now had their brains melted by fallout.

    I have no issue with those with genuine afflictions but I'm not buying it.

    Fcuk off and stop using it as an excuse for being thick and/ or lazy you whining self-pitying ignorant uneducated little text speaking cnuts.

    but i hav gt dislecksi so cnt tipe why do it matr on intrent anywey?

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  2. I have got a massive schlong. Sometimes it feels like a disability.
  3. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I see what you mean, loads of threads about various bollocks. Ask the mongs to text a 2 page message and its done in seconds!!!
  4. I am afflicted by a bald patch :)
  5. Bloody spot on shippers.

    FFS only disability I remember was trying to get to the bottom of the beer pyramid on a call round and failing.
  6. Thank feck for that, no MLP you ain't the only one, being a new poster on here I thought I'd see how things are before I started voicing my opinions.

    It's either some old Percy Pongo sitting at home thinking up daft questions (which I hope to feck it is) or the Navy is going to be over-run with these soft arsed mummies boys that want to know " Is it better to run on a treadmill or a fecking pavement?", does it matter 2 fecks, for the average bloke the PT in the mob aint that hard...if you think it is, you shouldn't be joining up.

    All these fat feckers..."Oooh how do I lose weight?" Simple numnuts stop shovelling food down yer fecking throat. For diver training...we didn't have track suits over 34" waist...cos if you needed a 36" waist..you was too feckin fat to be on course.

    "Oooh what kind of iron will I need?" Look twat, at your age you should just be able to recognise a feckin iron...you should not know anything else about them..it's not natural for a bloke to know about irons...
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  7. How in God's name did we manage? Oh I know, we rocked up at the AFCO, signed a few bits of paper, did as we were told, went for a few runs, got the kitlist and train ticket and cracked the fcuk on.

    Is it really so hard?
  8. Tourettes?

  9. How the fcuk would I know if I've got any of them things wrong with me,
    I dont know what they are, but its not my fault I was born with an affliction, its called fcukin ignorance. Give us a w*nk it helps. 8O :wink: :D
    Its better if you use the cheeks of your asre. :twisted:
  10. Dick, diccklurpi. cc.c.c.c.ccocksucker!!!!!!!!!!

    Fcuk FCUK!
  11. BRILLIANT!! Abso-fcuking-lutely brilliant
  12. What do they taste like? are they spicey? 8O :? :wink:
  13. It does indeed appear to be spacker week.

    I think my favourite today is the thick and fat 'potential' officer.
  14. I think its French for jam-rag
  15. Oh you mean the dyslexic fat cnut :wink: 8O
  16. That's the chap!

  17. Yummie I like jam, but its better on rolls than rags :wink: 8O
  18. I was having a right titter over that, he puts the two stone bit on as a bit of a ps. 8O
  19. We weren't allowed disabilities at Ganges :cry:
  20. You lot at Ganges were disabilities 8O :D :D :wink:

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