Has Diamond Lills become the preferred forum for CA

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, May 1, 2007.

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  1. Because of aggressive moderating I have decided not to use CA even for topics which should probably be in CA.
    Anyone else feel that this is the only way to combat over zealous MODs?
  2. It's either Lil's or the Gash barge Slim, then you know you're safe...I think!! :lol:
  3. Unfortunately these one of these MoDs has even used his deletion powers in the Gash Barge. Guess that leaves DLs
  4. The World has gone mad...delete from the Gash Barge??!! FFS, it's the GASH we're talking about!!
  5. Ah the wonderous workings of the mass of cells we call Moderators Brains!
  6. As a juvenile and walt I feel safer in DLs. I've always been afraid of dogs... :wink:
  7. The gash barge is moderated by all moderators, so it only leaves Diamond Lil`s, the reason people no longer wish to post in the CA forum is because of the Mods, its of their own making.
  8. I didn't know that. Looks like I'm confined to DLs for all serious posts! :(
  9. Agreed, Lil's it is then.
  10. I would think their mighty powers will extend past even those hallowed portals. :cry: Perhaps it's time to call a truce, past misdemeanors by all parties are forgotten ( I know it will be hard, but it's for the good of the site FFS) and we can get on with it, if you have a problem with a MODS actions in future report it to the COs. Expecting shite for being such a pouf. :lol:
    Jesus is this me, Nurse meds to high methinks.
  11. Yes lils has shown that it doesn’t apply unreasonable censorship, but if you want to discuss anything meaningful in CA ..forget it.

    Look at the Cornwall thread …three times that was started in current affairs .. and three times it was removed…so it was started in Lils where to sinbads credit it was left alone …..and it had 216 posts and 7581 hits…..says it all.

    Current affairs my arrse….more like, today in the daily wail.
  12. WOW actual LOGICAL thinking! I like you more and more each day :wink:

    As for Slim, you got nipped in the butt once or twice and threw a hissy fit. You were posting in the wrong areas first off and adviced kindly of where to go in the future but you refused to listen because half your posts were tripe fullstop. Not our issue you threw your teddies................get over it..........please!
  13. Thanks JD
    Most of my posts have a large number of members responses. They often generate strong feelings from many find them entertaining.
    I have had a few concerns with moderation in the past particularly the one which when posted in the Quarterdeck was bounced by you to CA and then became a bit of a shuttlecock bouncing from CA to Quarterdeck before ending up eventually in its original position in QD. When you MODs are certain where every post belongs then perhaps you can expect us to know. Until then back off.
  14. Sinbad wasn't actually here. Hence there is another moderator appointed.
  15. Wayhay, nice to see some things never change...........
  16. I am attempting to follow the system set up by Sinbad for Diamond Lil's and see no reason at all why his excellent and emminently sensible Doormans Rules should not continue to apply.

    If everyone reads the rules I will promise to apply them fairly and honestly.

    Regards and Best Wishes
  17. Thanks Bergen
    If your Modeation is as fair and well balanced as Sinbads then all RR members should be satisfied
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Arsehole creeper 8O 8O 8O
  19. So where is Sailbad?
  20. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Guys biuld a bridge and get over it, the MODS are here doing a job, what everyone is whinging about is the Mods culling stories about HRH going to Iraq...fcuking bugga loo...I get crap culled and slapped on the wrist all the time, but I aint gonna cry in the corner about it. FFS move on or start a thread "Blobbs is a cnut because I said so"

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