Has Desmond had a moment of clarity?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by chieftiff, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    From today's Telegraph: Link to full article

    "In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Des Browne, the Defence Secretary, admitted that running parallel "high tempo" operations in Iraq and Afghanistan had come close to permanently "damaging" the military.

    Des Browne: We need to get back to training properly before the damage is done

    He added that defence chiefs had advised him that the reduction of troop levels in Iraq presented an opportunity to ease the pressure on Britain's forces.

    Mr Browne also revealed that troops are to be offered special low-rate military mortgages as part of a new government scheme to improve their quality of life.

    In the wide-ranging interview, the Defence Secretary also admitted that more needed to be done to improve standards of pay, and acknowledged that private soldiers earned "significantly less than policemen", who are currently planning to hold a strike ballot over pay.
  2. I think this is the beginning of the spark of the glimmer of hope, at least in terms of having a government begin to grudgingly acknowledge the TACOS of our Service Personnel are woefully lagging behind other countries and that the trust of our Forces for the government that they serve is somewhat lacking.
  3. Not before time Mr Browne. I support the idea of the reduced rate mortgages but it this a covert government ploy?

    Not wishing to be too cynical but didn't the government sell off masses of their housing stock and are currently renting a load of them back as well as providing p!ss poor quality housing for those who do live in MQs?

    Isn't this just another way of the government trying to save money? Yes I accept it's a fantastic idea for those who can get on the housing ladder but surely this paves the way for them to sell off even more houses and save on funding maintenance.

    If they do this and mortgage rates significantly rise and people cant afford their mortgages and they've sold off all their houses what will they do to ensure continued support and housing for service personnel in need?

    Be aware of wolves in sheeps clothing !
  4. "He added that a serviceman's reward should be viewed in more than just simple financial terms. The Services, he said, created "mature and rounded" individuals who would be able to demand high salaries when they left."

    What a load of bollocks. Maybe those that go on to achieve a fairly high rank will be able to walk into a civvy job where they can demand high salaries, but in that interview he's suggesting that we all will. The vast majority will struggle to make more than the average wage. And don't forget that statistic that gets trotted out from time to time that says a large number of the homeless on our streets are ex-servicemen.

    "Des Browne, the Defence Secretary, admitted that running parallel "high tempo" operations in Iraq and Afghanistan had come close to permanently "damaging" the military."

    What about the years of underfunding and cutbacks in manpower and equipment?

    "The Defence Secretary also accepted that his department had come in for some acute criticism and said that it had been a "tough year"."

    The criticism is well deserved. I bet he's not had as tough a year as those families who have seen their loved ones come home dead and injured, especially when his department failed to provide funding and equipment that may have saved many of those people. If he wants any sympathy he can fcuk right off. If the government is prepared to send people off to fight and die then financial considerations should not be a factor, the forces should be given all the resources they want and need to do the job.

    The phrase 'Lions led by donkeys' also springs to mind.
  5. So right - there will be more to this than meets the eye, I don't trust this government one little bit. Either they will end it when you leave the service and the premiums will rocket or on death the spouse will not be able to stay in the sceme, there will definately be some catch in it somewhere. Brown will smile to himself for a few days thinking he has pulled off another stealth tax, but it will all come out.

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