Has anyone had their ENG1 done at the HMNB Portsmouth?


Hi, I'm on my last hurdle before being given an official offer for a Chef's apprentice position. I've been told by Occupational Health, that due to a compressed spine condition I have, that the company doctor will have to see me. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with being seen by a company dr for an ENG1? The condition I have is not degenerative nor does it really affect being able to function/perform job duties & tasks, but obviously something is concerning them, hence why they'd need to see me. I don't know if this is merely a precautionary measure on their part and just want physical evidence I'm fit and able, or something of more concern? I'm not sure anyone can even provide me with a definitive answer...just trying to put my mind at ease a bit. The date they've given me for the exam is past my deadline date, so I'm also hoping recruitment take this into consideration too. I've not heard back from them yet after ringing earlier. Any all help appreciated! Thanks.


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I had my first ENG1 with a naval doc purely because it was the nearest place to get one done. It took about 3 hours overall with waiting around included. Initial checks such as weight, height, hearing etc were carried out by a nurse prior to physical examination by the doc. It was the same as any RN medicals I had previously but results were matched against MCA ENG1 requirements.

Second medical I decided to go to a civvy doc and was back out the door with new ENG1 within 20 minutes.

I know some people had to see RN docs for their initial medicals because of medical conditions, but they were ok to see a civvy doc thereafter.

Don't get stressed about it. It is probably just a case of covering everyone's back, no pun intended.


Hello, thank you for the reply. I do hope you're right. That's my hunch too, it's just a little frustrating after this long process. I'l see what recruitment has to say on Monday, definitely do not want to go through this all again! Worst case scenario maybe they'd accept me on the next intake, I don't know, we'll see. Cheers, thanks again.

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