Has anyone ever had a ghostly experience in the RN?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by CRYSTALTIPS, May 16, 2007.

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  1. Had to ask this question to see if it was only me that has ever experienced any ghostly goings on onboard ship.

    Has anyone had anything happen to them? Even on shore bases?
  2. Had a couple when Up Spirits was piped. However this has now stopped.
  3. The Flight/Quarter Deck Hatch on the Glasgow disapeared for 20 mins one night when I was returning from a run ashore in Gib. The QM and his buddy could see it, so the ghosty was only playing with me, I found it purely by accident in the end, somehow I was 'transported' to the quarter deck and there it was above me. Spooky eh

    Edit 1 - Spelling errors
    Edit 2 - as it was not the Battleaxe it was the Glasgow
  4. Had a Chief who was about 103 years old years back.
    He was spooky :)
  5. My ghostly experience was when i was onboard the Might "O". Not sure if it was a figure of my immagination, but was going up on to the bridge for the Long Morning and at the end of 02 deck i saw a figure in civvy clothes walking away from me. I thought thats bizzare seeing someone in civvys when were in the middle of the mediterranian in the middle of the night!

    Thought nothing more of it as people would think i was a sandwhich short of a picnic if i told someone. But it ended up getting the better of me and i had a lengthy discussion with one of the Killicks one day about my appirition that i saw for them to turn around and say that when the ship was being Commisioned (dont know how true this is, or if he was just getting me on a bite!) the ship crashed into the pier killing one of the dockies.

    Also the ships pennent number was originally meant to be 13 but got changed to L12! (Again, im not sure if this is true or just a wind up!)
  6. AMAZON was said to be haunted by a LREG who disappeared without a trace early in its life (cannot remember any details) never saw anything myself (thank God), wonder if he is haunting the Pakistanis?!
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    QM on the Victory in '89. The large Ship's bell hangs adjacent to the QM's caboosh. My BM was conducting rounds (well, crimping in the accommodation for a few hours) and the whole ship was empty, apart from me on watch and the OOD asleep in the Wardroom.

    At 0200, 0300, and 0400 one morning I heard the bell ring once. The bell is very large, and takes some effort to make it move. No one else present, no wind, no nothing... 8O

    [Edited to prevent further innuendo...]
  8. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I've enountered some of the un-dead in Ritzy's on a Thursday evening....
  9. Worked at Captain(H) during the mid-90's in South Yard in Devonport when we lived in the Master Ropemakers House. It had appeared in the magazine 'Titbits' for being haunted. As you can imagine working late was a non starter and even the Bish who worked upstairs was a bit dubious.
  10. Ooh matron :D

    FAMR on the Brazen was meant to be haunted by some (killick?) Stoker who hanged himself so I was told.
    Never met him myself on my many jaunts down there on watch though :?
  11. I was working with a fella called Jim Birmingham on HMS Rame Head alongside at Whale Island in 1976, and we were taking down all the big communal lighting in this old store room on the ship and I put a load of nuts and bolts onto a rail right behind us whilst we were lowering the lights down and when I went to get the nuts and bolts from where I had left them behind me,they had dissappeared,and we couldnt find them anywhere.

    Exit to scared greenies stage right !!
  12. Psssstttt. No such thing as ghosts! Or Father Christmas. But I will concede there are more and more fairys' appearing on RR.
  13. Plenty of ghosts at RH Haslar.... that'll be nice for the stuck up executives who buy their luxury sea view apartments after it closes.... hee hee... not sure i'd like to meet some dead matelot who expired of yellow fever!
  14. The demise of the Tot - a very spooky time......... :wink:
  15. Haha, fair one. At the end of the day itll be us thatll be laughing, NOT THEM! :)
  16. I saw Big Sylv in the Fleece when I was sober - never been scared of anything since, haunted or otherwise 8O
  17. A blast from the past - now that is spooky... !! One of my old 'haunts' nudge nudge :wink: :wink: say no more....
  18. Oh yes. Used to to friendly with a group of QARNNSs from there and several of them used to say they wouldn't go down certain wards at night when they were duty because of very bad feelings etc.

    I think various documentaries have proven how certain drafts and breezes can create cold spots, and even make you feel uneasy etc.

    A colleague once described when she was at Dartmouth walking past the main hall and a Wren (I recalled it as an Officer but have since been corrected) walked past her. What drew her attention was that she was still wearing blue badges, which at the time had gone to red/gold the previous year, and she had a dated hairstyle. She really didn't give it a second thought until she found out that a Wren was killed there during an attack on the College.
  19. We were told whilst on the Triumph in 72 that there was the ghost of a legless pilot who had crashed his plane off the flight deck when it was a carrier. They only recovered his top half.
    The sin bosun used to read ghost stories on the SRE every night which frightened us juniors after the leading hand had tucked us up in bed.
    Of course they was Green Gilbert at Ganges as well.
  20. Not forgetting the French and Turkish prisoners that died when building Haslar then got walled up for good luck.also Gen Moores Army of the Peninsular that died there from cholera and were buried where they coul find the space! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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