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Has anyone done anything like this?


Lantern Swinger
Yesterday at about 1030 i got a phone call at work from my local careers officer asking what i was doing in November and do i have a passport i said yes i have a passport and they said how would you like to go on RFA Fort Austin from Lisbon back to the UK as a Potential officer cadet but at the same time i realised how i was on my Dayskipper Theory at inskip so i sat and thought and said Yes as this is an opportunity of a life time so i have reorganised my Dayskipper course to January.

I haven't had all the details yet but im am flying out to Lisbon and coming back to Culdrose so i assume i will be helicoptered off which will be fantastic.
There were only 4 places on the trip and i was put forward and got selected im so chuffed and hope this will help towards my AIB.

When i get details i will post.
Anyone got any ideas of what i will be doing i take it Bridge and Deck work will be involved.

Also are there any reasons they have sent me on this are they only given to people who they think will join or what im dead set on going and my determination for the job cant be any higher spend an hour a day on prep.

Sorry m_c should have made myself clear RAS is “replenishment at sea†doing a jackstay transfer with stores from ship to ship, that’s what RFAs do.
As a “badger†on the Albion I flew in choppers a few times, I remember we got a safety lecture and a little certificate, things like, don’t wear nylon as it will burn into your skin and when you crash stay put till the rotors stop, stuff like that.
More scary than the flights which by the way were brilliant.

Good luck with your career, and keep us informed.

Thanks Guys.

This might seem an odd question but do you think i should keep my mouth shut, unless thye talk to me.
I dont want to come across gobby (not that i am) occasionally need to bite my lip and i know that. Any tips for that.

sounds like a cracking jolly caroline, you will have a whale of a time, try not to fall in the oggin, it'd does tend to upset people if you do that!!!!
Lisbon is a good run ashore.

The food is great on the RFAs.

Fort Austin might well have a flight embarked, so make sure they take you flying.

You'll have a blast if you make the most of the few days you'll have at sea - get round the engine rooms, spend time on the bridge etc etc.
matlo_caroline said:
slim said:
And remember as long as you are a female you can trust the stewards[/quote

Why can i?

Please pay attention m_c. Stewards, especially stewards in the merchant service, have a reputation for being 'good with colours'. For practicing horticulture in an uphill fashion. For being somewhat sensitive. Get the picture?
Correct me if i'm wrong but are we not supposed to exercise caution when speaking of ships movements, especially dates ect.

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