Has anyone been paid yet this month?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by TF110, Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. No sign of my pay in the bank, but a mysterious credit for literally a few pence from an HMG account. Curious if I've been paid, or if its for something else. Anyone else got money in their accounts?
  2. we used to get paid, pre JPA on or before the end of the tax year. So it may be the pay due mid monthly early. I shall check my account tomorrow.
  3. If it makes you feel any better I haven't been paid for a good 6 months now. Still waiting...

  4. Hi All
    Saw an item on the news on Friday about non payment of wages, not just the forces I hasten to add,that the BACS system had gone down but would be rectified on Monday.
    Hope this may help
  5. My pay came through on the 30th of March. I've no idea how wrong it is (probably just the usual taxing untaxable expenses and paying me at the rate below, but I was only promoted in October so I can hardly expect that to be sorted out this side of next Ocober) as I've no JPA access until mid-April.
  6. Think something to do with the Army being put on to JPA in March so everything has been suspended for a month or so. Expect Bounty pay a little later than normal.
  7. I really am at the end of my tether with JPA.

    For three weeks now i've gone into my RTC with expences dating back to November ready to be input.

    1st week - my password as given to me by JPA, didnt work, I phone them up and they're closed!

    2nd week - i log on and sign in with my new password and i get a notice saying that JPA is full. Every man and jack had logged on cos it was the end of the month and they wanted to check they're pay.

    3rd week - we get told that JPA is working - whoopeeee!!!! But DII isnt. What f*cking use is that to me?

    What a f*ck up!
  8. Whilst it's no consolation to Jack or Royal, I'm told that behind the bumpf of 'JPA is looking good' in the official briefs, it's widely acknowledged amongst the many-stripes and the big-stripes that it's a crock. On a personal note, I'd appreciate a personal apology from whichever civil servant signed the requirements spec, and an explanation from MOD as to why they let boy scouts sign requirements specs instead of professionals.

    If your bounty has not turned up yet, or is incorrect, take it to your unit. I understand some units are working as fast as they can to fix it, but JPA is not built to accept operator input and the UPOs are effectively gapped for the rest of time, so it might take a while.
  9. we get paid?????
    all this time i've been doing it for love , not money.
  10. wouldn't that be strange :D :D :D ....wonder if they had snags getting through?
  11. I think you'll find that the CE at AFPAA has always been a uniformed post, admittedly I think the RAF filled it for a while so your point about Civil Servants is probably valid ;)
  12. Brilliant. Industry is stuffed to the gills (well, actually decent req spec gals are hard to find, but they can be found) with people with the knowledge and experience to tell a bidder what to do with their excuse of a req spec. People who know all the tricks and weasel words because they wrote them themselves when they were slimy contractors. So what does the MOD do? Give the role to a uniform. Tell me this CE of which you speak at least has access to an engineer with decades of programme bid and management experience to provide guidance and advice.
  13. I have to say that I have no problems with JPA - I'm getting paid what I expect, expenses for ORT are going through the sytem properly. I'm even starting to understand my pay statement.

    Only thing I've got to work out is my Home to Dutie's - CWTR? oh!!

    See the coxswain instead she'll know
  14. We now will get paid on the 25th* of every month so check your accounts then. So I have heard anyway

    *disclaimer this information may be inaccurate. Anything quoted wholly or in part in this post must be treated as speculation not fact. Your home may be at risk if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other loans secured to it.
  15. True - current CE of AFPAA (now SPVA) is one of ours - RAdm Spires, and has been for q a while.
  16. This is from JPA:

    The new aligned tri-service Reservist ABP payruns will run on 25 of each month thereafter for payment into bank accounts by 1st working day of the following month.

    I knew about the 25th, and therefore expected it into my account by the end of last week, but when checking yesterday, it had actually gone in on Monday.. so the above information is correct

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